In 2006, in order to provide improved services to the regulated community and to improve the efficiency of MassDEP's field operations, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) reassigned a small number of communities to different MassDEP Regional Offices.  A total of 21 communities across the Commonwealth were reassigned.

The first phase of this process involved the transfer effective, February 1, 2006, of the communities of Athol, Hardwick, Petersham, Royalston and Warren from the Central Regional Office in Worcester to the Western Regional Office, located at 436 Dwight Street, Springfield, Massachusetts 01103.

The second phase of this process involved the transfer, effective May 1, 2006, of the communities of Walpole, Norwood, Canton, Randolph, Holbrook, Braintree, Weymouth, Hingham, Cohasset, and Hull from the Northeast Region to the Southeast Region; Norfolk, Medfield and Millis from the Northeast Region to the Central Region; Franklin from the Southeast Region to the Central Region; and Tyngsborough and Westford from the Central Region to the Northeast Region.

If you have MassDEP related business to conduct in any of the above listed communities, you need to visit or contact the reassigned region.  Site files for the reassigned communities are available for file review in the new region.  Please contact the Service Center in those regions directly for more timely and detailed information regarding file review.

BWSC Release Tracking Numbers (RTNs) located in the affected communities were renumbered in MassDEP databases and on site files.  The BWSC RTN is made up of a lead regional number, a dash, and a tracking number that can be up to 7 digits.  Historically, the lead number of all BWSC RTNs identifies the region of the community where the release occurred.  The regional numbers are: 1-WERO; 2-CERO; 3-NERO; and 4-SERO.  The tracking number portion of the RTN is unique only to the region that originally assigned the number.  

The renumbering formula for the RTNs located in the communities that transferred regions updates the regional number to the new regional number, but preserves the old regional number in the millionth place in the 7 digit number sequence, previously a zero.  Several examples follow: an RTN located in Warren, 2-0023456, on February 1, 2006 became 1-2023456, or an RTN located in Braintree, 3-0000567 (or 3-567), on May 1, 2006 became 4-3000567.    The benefit of using this formula is that it immediately identifies the release as one that transferred regions.  Using the first example, it shows a release in the Central Region has transferred to the Western Region.  PRPs, LSPs and MassDEP staff are able to readily recognize the RTN, and match up old and/or new documents to the file.  

Final List of Affected Release Tracking Numbers (RTNs) pdf format of 2006 Regional Boundary Change RTN List
xls format of                             2006 Regional Boundary Change RTN List