Under MassDEP's Waste Site Cleanup Program, the cleanup of oil and hazardous material disposal sites may consider the current and likely future use of the property. If a cleanup is based on anything less than "unrestricted use", then the closure must include an enforceable Activity and Use Limitation ("AUL") that specifies the allowable and prohibited use of the property.

Lists of sites with Activity and Use Limitation (AULs)

Searchable Sites Database

The online searchable sitelist provides a list of properties in Massachusetts where an "Activity and Use Limitation" (AUL) has been recorded or registered. Mapped locations are included for most AUL sites.

MassGIS Datalayer

The datalayer  "MassDEP Oil and Hazardous Material Sites with Activity and Use Limitations (AULs)" comprises a point feature class and 3 supporting tables that are related by the MassDEP BWSC Release Tracking Number (RTN)

AUL Guidance

WSC-99-300 Guidance on Implementing Activity and Use Limitations  pdf format of WSC-99-300 AUL Guidance
doc format of                             WSC 99-300 AUL Guidance