What is Climate Change

Climate change is a shift in temperature, precipitation, wind and other long-term weather patterns. There is broad scientific consensus that our climate is changing - both regionally and globally - largely due to the combustion of fossil fuels and other human activities that increase atmospheric concentrations...

What are Greenhouse Gases?

Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Methane (CH4), Nitrous Oxide (N2O) and other heat-trapping gases form a "blanket" of pollution that traps heat in the atmosphere and causes climate instability.


MassDEP Climate Change Efforts

As part of its core mission, MassDEP is working to cut greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicles and fuels through its Low-Emission Vehicle and Rideshare programs, the Massachusetts Vehicle Check emissions testing program, stepped-up enforcement of state vehicle idling restrictions, and efforts to promote transit-oriented development.


Climate Change Links for Kids

Learn about the MassDEP Response to "Kids vs. Global Warming" Petition as well as the U.S. EPA's student's guide to climate change.


Climate Change Research, Initiatives and News

Gain a better understanding of climate change and the many regional, national, global and market initiatives focused on addressing and adapting to the problem.


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