State Revolving Fund for Climate Change Adaptations
Provides financial assistance to municipalities for drinking water/wastewater infrastructure projects and planning projects.  In 2014, the SRF Program will provide approximately $126.4 million for drinking water infrastructure upgrades and approximately $415.6 million for municipal waste water infrastructure improvements.  In doing so, the SRF Program strongly encourages municipalities to consider predicted climate change impacts in siting and designing their project. Integrated onsite energy generation projects will contribute to the water utility's resiliency and energy independence. Addressing an imminent threat to a public drinking water supply, including those associated with climate change, is one of the main criteria the SRF program uses in evaluating projects seeking financial assistance.  For both drinking water and wastewater, these projects may include siting treatment facilities in areas less prone to flooding, elevating structures above predicted flood stages, installing watertight doors and windows, replacing wet/dry well pumps with submersible pumps, increasing emergency back-up provisions to keep all key equipment operational, and relocating vulnerable equipment.