Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions in Massachusetts

Learn about statewide levels in 1990, projections for 2020 without additional restrictions, and required reporting of facility emissions data to guide state target-setting and progress measurement.

Massachusetts Clean Energy & Climate Plan for 2020

Prepared by EEA and the Climate Protection & Green Economic Advisory Committee, this plan provides the means for meeting the GWSA greenhouse gas emissions reduction mandates and accelerating the development of a clean energy economy for Massachusetts.

2011 Massachusetts Climate Change Adaptation Report

This report, prepared by EEA and the Massachusetts Climate Change Adaptation Advisory Committee, is the first broad overview of climate change as it affects Massachusetts, the impacts of this change, vulnerabilities of multiple sectors ranging from natural resources, infrastructure, public health, and the economy. It also provides analysis of potential strategies that could better prepare us for this changing world

Greenhouse Gas Entity and Facility Reports - The Climate Registry

Members’ annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reports are publicly accessible from this page. The reports describe Members’ annual entity- and facility-level emissions and serve as useful tools for shareholders, regulators, non-governmental organizations and the general public to better understand Members’ GHG emissions.

Find MassDEP-Certified Laboratories

A searchable online database of certified laboratories for water testing.