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Progress Toward Massachusetts Clean Energy & Climate Goals

The Patrick Administration’s clean energy agenda has resulted in significant emissions reductions, growth of the clean energy sector, greater energy independence and mitigation of fossil-fuel price increases and volatility. Our comprehensive suite of clean energy policies, including our participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), nation-leading energy efficiency programs, aggressive renewable energy policies and innovative electric vehicle initiatives are driving down greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions while spurring economic development.

Successes & Studies

Current efforts, case studies, successful projects for siting clean energy projects on landfills, water utilities and contaminated land. 

Regulations: Building Capacity for Managing Organics pdf format of Building Capacity for Managing Organic Materials
doc format of Building Capacity for Managing Organic Materials

Includes amendments to 310 CMR 16.00: Site Assignment Regulations;  310 CMR 19.000: Solid Waste Management Facility Regulations; and 314 CMR 12.00: Operation, Maintenance & Pretreatment Standards (Wastewater).

Energy Bill Boosts MassDEP's Clean Energy Efforts

In a recent Clean Energy speech, Governor Patrick vowed to make Massachusetts No. 1 in biogas production. This goal got a major boost when Governor Patrick joined legislators and advocates to sign "An Act Relative to Competitively Priced Electricity in the Commonwealth."