Renewable Energy Progress

Closed Landfills

Financial Resources & Incentives

Requirements & Technical Assistance

MassDEP Permitting

Developing Renewable Energy Facilities on Closed Landfills pdf format of Developing Renewable Energy on Closed Landfills
doc format of                             Developing Renewable Energy on Closed Landfills                 
MassDEP fact sheet.

BWP SW 36, 37 - Landfill Post-Closure Permit
Anyone intending to use a closed and capped landfill for a new purpose needs to obtain this permit from MassDEP. 

Landfill Post-Closure Use Permitting Guidelines pdf format of Landfill Post-Closure Use Permitting Guidelines
doc format of                             Landfill Post-Closure Use Permitting Guidelines                 
An overview of suitable facilities and the application process.

Solar Panels

Photovoltaics on Massachusetts Landfills  pdf format of Photovoltaics on Massachusetts Landfills
file size 1MB
Department of Energy Resources (DOER) Handbook.

Q&A: Ground-Mounted Solar Photovoltaic Systems pdf format of Ground Mounted PV Guide
file size 4MB
DOER/MassDEP Clean Energy Results Program guide.

Solar Power Installations on Closed Landfills links to PDF file
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) report.

Wind Turbines

Land-Based Wind Energy: Understanding the Issues & Making Informed Decisions
Guide prepared by CLF Ventures Inc. for the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC).

MassGIS Wind Energy Site-Screening Tool
Interactive map application shows communities with both parcel and significant high wind.

Wind Energy Model Zoning By-Law
Developed by DOER to help towns and cities establish standards for wind power development.

Connecting to the Grid

Distributed Generation & Interconnection
Resources from DOER to help you understand the process of getting solar panels or wind turbines to utility transmission lines.

Net Metering Questions & Answers
Net metering allows customers of certain utilities to generate their own power so they won't need to buy as much electricity.