An extensive number of comments and documents were received during the comment period.  An overview of materials submitted to the wind turbine docket is shown below.

There were approximately 115 emails submitted to the wind turbine docket from 95 individuals or groups between June 7th and July 22, 2011 from as far away as Germany and Australia. Most of the material is in English. However, some materials were submitted in French and German.

Wind Turbine Docket Email Submittals

Please note that in some cases, the wind turbine docket submittals contain attachments such as reports, journal articles or web links to additional information. In cases where copyright laws allow, we have either provided the material or a web link to that material.  Copyright materials are included at the end of the emails and are listed as 'attachments.'

Please note, that some of the links are already posted and/or are available within the associated comment by right-clicking within and can be opened as a hyperlink.  In some cases the URL may need to be cut and pasted into your web browser to complete the link. MassDEP is not responsible for links that are no longer available.

  • Wind Turbine Docket Email Submittals  pdf format of Wind Turbine Docket Email Submittals
    (Note: MassDEP contacted people who submitted comments to the Wind Turbine Docket requesting permission to post their emails on the agency's website. Based on the responses, MassDEP posted submittals for which consent had been received as of December 2, 2011).
  • Wind Turbine Docket Emails - Redacted  pdf format of Wind Turbine Docket Emails - Redacted
file size 1MB
    (Note: This file contains comments submitted that required redacting to protect personal and medical information, as required by state law and Executive Order Number 504.)

Additional Materials

The following items were submitted with the emails (Please read this Important Note):

   25 peer-reviewed journal articles;
   (see Articles & Reports Received *)

   12 presentations from conferences or public meetings;
   (see Articles & Reports Received *  and Wind Docket Web Links )

   Over 20 government reports;
   (see Articles & Reports Received *  and Wind Docket Web Links )

   Over 35 white papers prepared by non-profit organizations or businesses;
   (see Articles & Reports Received *  and Wind Docket Web Links )

   Over 200 general news items such as news articles or websites;
   (see Wind Docket Web Links )

   31 videos relating to wind turbine issues;
   (see Video and Audio Links )

   5 audio links related to wind issues;
   (see Video and Audio Links )

   Approximately 3 blogs; and
   (see Wind Docket Web Links )

   2 resumes.
   (see Wind Docket Web Links )

Due to the need for follow up on many of the submitted materials, MassDEP will be posting information that can be made readily available and other comments requiring follow up work will be posted at a later date.  Upon written request, Mass DEP will provide for inspection in its office or copies by mail of un-redacted copies of these records.

* Articles & Reports are a subset of material received that are either journal articles or were submitted to the Docket by multiple commenters.

Important Note: The links provided on the following pages were collected from those received as part of the public comment process.  They direct to third party sites which have no affiliation with MassDEP. The presence of these links does not represent any endorsement of the content found on these sites. In addition, MassDEP has no responsibility or liability for the content or activities on these sites. We are not responsible for outdated or broken links or for links to inappropriate material or cross-linking. Please report any issues to MassDEP .