MassDEP's Bureau of Waste Site Cleanup is promoting the use of Greener Cleanups at state and federally regulated contaminated sites through its Clean Energy Results Program (CERP).  In 2014, regulatory amendments to the Massachusetts Contingency Plan were made to encourage efforts to reduce the net environmental footprint of waste site cleanup assessment and remedial response actions.  In support of these amendments, a Guidance pdf format of WSC-14-150 Greener Cleanups Guidance
document was issued offering recommended approaches to meet regulatory requirements.   We recognize that the Licensed Site Professional (LSP) community has a central role in shaping and driving the application of Greener Cleanups.  LSPs are the key decision-makers in selecting and implementing Greener Cleanups and the key communicators in persuading clients of its benefits.  With this in mind, MassDEP is eager to engage LSPs, your staff, and clients on the benefits and cost savings that Greener Cleanups approaches may present.  Therefore, MassDEP has established a quarterly workgroup for interested parties.  

Please RSVP to Susan Fessenden at if you are interesting in attending and being part of the workgroup.

Next Scheduled Meetings

March 10, 2015
June 9, 2015
September 15, 2015
December 8, 2015

All meetings held at MassDEP's Boston Headquarters Office from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

Past Meetings

September 9, 2014
April 29, 2014
December 10, 2013
September 10, 2013
June 11, 2013
March 12, 2013