For Immediate Release - April 04, 2017

MassDEP Fines Sunset City, Inc. $6,180 for Wetland Violations at Proposed Motocross Facility Site in Charlton

BOSTON - The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) has assessed a $6,180 penalty to Sunset City, Inc. for violating the Wetlands Protection Act and its regulations at the company's proposed motocross facility on Brookfield Road in Charlton.

MassDEP had issued a Superseding Order of Conditions permitting work on the construction of the motocross facility on July 15, 2016. The Superseding Order was appealed by a group of ten residents of Charlton, and that appeal is still pending. During the appeal, and before obtaining a Final Order of Conditions permitting the work, Sunset City, Inc., commenced work in the buffer zone to wetland resource areas at the project, which was not yet approved.

When Sunset City, Inc. was found by a local conservation official to be conducting unauthorized work, MassDEP directed the company to immediately cease the work, which included tree clearing, grubbing, stumping, filling and grading, and other earth-moving work.

Under the consent order, the company will pay $1,545 of the assessed penalty, and the remainder will be suspended provided that the company completes a Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP) with an estimated cost greater than $4,635. The SEP proposed by Sunset City, Inc, and approved by MassDEP involves the restoration of a cold water fishery at two locations off Dolge Court in Charlton.

"The wetlands permitting and appeal process allows residents to participate in protecting the environmental resources of their community," said Mary Jude Pigsley, director of MassDEP's Central Regional Office in Worcester. "It's important that project proponents respect that process and wait to obtain final permits before beginning work."

MassDEP is responsible for ensuring clean air and water, safe management and recycling of solid and hazardous wastes, timely cleanup of hazardous waste sites and spills, and the preservation of wetlands and coastal resources.

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