For Immediate Release - November 02, 2016

Connecticut-based Waste Transport Company Penalized $90,000 for Failing to Report Shipments of Hazardous Waste and Waste Oil

In Settlement, Company Agrees to Re-train Employees to Ensure Future Compliance

BOSTON - A Connecticut-based hazardous waste transport company operating in Massachusetts has been assessed a $90,000 penalty by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) for allegedly failing to report shipments of hazardous waste and waste oil and submitting inaccurate hazardous waste reports to the state over a period of six-and-a-half years. The company will also be required to take additional steps to ensure future compliance with environmental laws regulating the transportation of hazardous waste.

"Proper documentation of the movement of hazardous waste is essential to protect the public and the environment," said MassDEP Commissioner Martin Suuberg. "The rules in this area are clear and need to be followed."

Tradebe Treatment and Recycling Northeast, LLC is a licensed hazardous waste transporter that picks up hazardous waste and waste oil from customers that generate it and transports it to facilities licensed to accept such waste. The company, which in Massachusetts operates as Tradebe Transportation, failed to submit required monthly hazardous waste transportation reports from January through July 2015.  

Under the terms of the settlement agreement, Tradebe is required to provide training to its employees and conduct audits to ensure that all monthly hazardous waste transportation reports are accurate and complete. Tradebe is also required to correct any errors or omissions discovered during the audits and resubmit corrected reports to MassDEP.

Additional violations by Tradebe identified by MassDEP during its investigation include:

  • From January 2009 through December 2013, Tradebe failed to report to MassDEP 146 shipments of hazardous waste. Tradebe also entered incorrect and inconsistent information on hazardous waste manifests and monthly hazardous waste transportation reports on multiple occasions during the same time period. 
  • From December 2014 through May 2016, Tradebe, on numerous occasions, entered incorrect hazardous waste generator identification numbers on monthly hazardous waste transportation reports submitted to MassDEP.
  • From January 2015 to June 2016, Tradebe failed to report to MassDEP more than 400 shipments of hazardous waste.
  • Tradebe transported hazardous waste in three vehicles without being in possession of the MassDEP Emergency Response telephone number and, in one vehicle, without possession of a state Department of Transportation  Emergency Response Guidebook, all of which are required in case of a release or spill of hazardous waste or waste oil.

Under the terms of the settlement, Tradebe will pay $63,000 of the assessed penalty within 30 days of the final settlement, and the remaining amount, $27,000, will be suspended pending the company's compliance with environmental laws as outlined in the settlement.

Tradebe must also take steps to ensure that the company is submitting accurate and complete information in the monthly operating reports that are required to be submitted to MassDEP. Those steps include ensuring that the company's drivers are collecting waste from facilities that are registered and have a valid hazardous waste generator identification number. Tradebe's employees will be required to supply any facility that does not have an identification number with registration information and a registration form.

In Massachusetts, facilities that generate hazardous waste must first receive a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency identification number or a valid Massachusetts identification number.  Hazardous waste transporters may only accept such waste from facilities that have a valid identification number and must submit monthly operating reports that include detailed information for each shipment of hazardous waste. These requirements are critical to the cradle-to-grave system for tracking the shipment, handling and disposal of hazardous wastes in Massachusetts.

MassDEP is responsible for ensuring clean air and water, safe management and recycling of solid and hazardous wastes, timely cleanup of hazardous waste sites and spills and the preservation of wetlands and coastal resources.