Notification - Exempt Recycling & Organics Management Activities

This form must be submitted for asphalt, brick and concrete recycling; tire chipping and shredding; small composting operations not at residences; and municipal material food collection as defined in 310 CMR 16.03.

General Permit Initial Certification - Recycling, Composting or Aerobic/Anaerobic Digestion Operations

A certification must be submitted for any smaller, simpler new or newly acquired recycling, composting, aerobic digestion or anaerobic digestion operation as defined in 310 CMR 16.04.

BWP SW 46, 47 - Recycling, Composting or Conversion (RCC) Operation Permit, Modification or Renewal

A permit is required for any larger, more complex new or modified recycling, composting or conversion operation as defined in 310 CMR 16.05.