Notification - Exempt Recycling & Organics Management Activities

This form must be submitted for asphalt, brick and concrete recycling; tire chipping and shredding; small composting operations not at residences; and municipal material food collection as defined in 310 CMR 16.03.

General Permit Initial & Annual Certifications: Recycling, Composting & Digestion

A certification must be submitted before any smaller new or newly acquired recycling, composting, aerobic digestion or anaerobic digestion operation as defined in 310 CMR 16.04 begins operations, and annually thereafter.

Small Transfer Station Recycling, Composting & Conversion Annual Report

Owner/operators of transfer stations permitted to accept less than 50 tons of waste per day are required to submit this report annually.

BWP SW 46, 47 - Recycling, Composting or Conversion (RCC) Operation Permit, Modification or Renewal

A permit is required for any larger, more complex new or modified recycling, composting or conversion operation as defined in 310 CMR 16.05.