The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) carefully reviews the qualifications of each transporter who applies for a license.

  • Each applicant must have minimum auto liability insurance coverage of one million dollars per accident and meet the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) "endorsement for environmental restoration" (which means the applicant will be responsible for the cleanup of any spills that occur during transit of the waste).
  • Each applicant must provide MassDEP with a Letter of Credit in the amount of $10,000 or be covered by a bond for that amount.
  • Each employee must be properly trained in DOT's labeling, packaging, placarding, and shipping requirements, in safe vehicle operations and in emergency handling procedures.
  • Each transporter must be certified by the Massachusetts Department of Telecommunication and Energy.
  • The compliance record of each applicant is checked.

Each license is issued for five years and must be renewed thereafter. The cost of a new license is $3,450. The cost of a license renewal is $2,375.

Transporters are authorized to transport all categories of hazardous waste.

Some transporters also handle non-hazardous wastes and universal wastes (e.g., batteries, fluorescent lamps, pesticides).

Some transporters specialize in picking up regulated recyclable materials, such as photographic fixer solution which contains recyclable silver. See the List of Precious Metal Transporters. They must meet all the requirements of a licensed transporter except for the letter of credit or bond.

The Transporter Fee on Hazardous Waste Shipments

Hazardous waste transporters must pay a fee to MassDEP based on the quantity of waste they collect and/or deliver in Massachusetts. The funds raised by this fee are used to help repay the Commonwealth's expenses for cleaning up hazardous waste sites and spills. Transporters commonly bill their customers for this fee, which is currently set at 26.4 cents per gallon or 2.64 cents per pound. For more information (including exemptions for certain wastes and some types of waste generators), see the transporter fee regulations [801 CMR 4.07].

Lists of licensed transporters are updated by MassDEP every three months. For additional information, contact the Business Compliance Division at 617-292-5898.

This page was last updated in November 2013.