• May contain polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, many of which are carcinogenic and can be absorbed through the skin.


  • Keep driveway sealer in closed containers.
  • Wear rubber gloves when handling.
  • Most driveway sealers are now latex products (water-based). Keep from freezing.

Management Options

  • Try to use up what you have, if product is usable, or donate to neighbor, paving contractor or other who may use it.
  • For surplus latex-based sealer, dry out in small amounts and place in the trash.
  • Oil-based driveway sealer can be burned safely in small amounts in a waste-to-energy facility, but trash collectors may not take it if containers are too heavy.
  • Dried driveway sealer, either latex or oil-based, can be thrown in trash with lid off.
  • For surplus oil-based, take to a local hazardous household waste collection, if accepted, or take to a commercial hazardous waste facility.