General Chemical Corp. (GCC) - a Massachusetts-licensed hazardous waste storage facility - notified the Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) on March 1, 2012, that it intends to cease operations in Framingham.

The company stopped accepting waste deliveries on March 30, 2012, has emptied its storage buildings and tanks of waste materials, and has submitted a detailed plan for closing the facility to MassDEP.

As required by MassDEP, the company has set aside $140,000 to cover closure costs, which include cleaning and decontamination of storage buildings and tanks. MassDEP will supervise all aspects of this work.

GCC conducted and MassDEP monitored a June 26, 2012, pilot test of cleaning methods to ensure that air quality will meet health-based standards while work is underway.

The company also has deposited $1.5 million into a trust as assurance that it will implement a long-term plan for cleaning up contaminated groundwater.

Facility Details & History

GCC's facility, located at 133 Leland Street, Framingham, occupies approximately two acres in a mixed industrial, commercial and residential neighborhood. The property abuts the Woodrow Wilson Elementary School, wetland areas, and a number of commercial and residential properties.

The facility includes three buildings, 20 above-ground storage tanks that are located in a reinforced concrete containment structure, and associated piping. The interiors of the waste storage buildings and containment area have impervious, chemical-resistant coatings. Two of the buildings and eight of the tanks have historically been used for storage of regulated hazardous waste.

GCC has been operating at this location since 1960. For the previous 40 years, the property had been used as a bulk fuel terminal by Gulf Oil and subsequent owners.