• Extreme caution must be exercised when lighting flares.
  • Flares produce a large amount of smoke when lit.


  • Store flares in a dry location. Keep out of reach of children or pets.

Management Options

  • Call the local fire department to see if staff there can manage them.
  • Some fire departments collect them to donate to fire safety training academies.
  • For road flares, call the MassDOT Highway Division district office nearest you to see if they may be able to use them on any upcoming roadwork projects.
  • For boat flares, help arrange a demo day with the U.S. Coast Guard for boaters on how to use flares. Boating clubs may also be able to arrange demo days.
  • Check with the Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla or Power Squadrons to see if they can use them.
  • Do not light them without permission from the Coast Guard as it is a federal offense to call a false emergency.

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