A commercial hazardous waste disposal facility - Clean Harbors Inc., 1 Hill Avenue, Braintree, MA 02184 - accepts most hazardous household products on a cost-per-pound basis. Call 800-444-4244 for information or an appointment.

Important Questions to Ask Callers with Hazardous Household Products

  • What hazardous household products do they have and how much do they have of each?
  • Has the material been mixed with anything? If so, or if the material is unknown, it will have to be handled at a household hazardous waste collection or commercial hazardous waste facility.
  • Is the container in good condition? If not, they will need to repackage and re-label the material to store or transport it properly. It is important to keep product labels intact if possible.

General Rules for Consumers to Manage Hazardous Household Products

  • Use up and store the product according to label directions.
  • Use household chemical products only in well-ventilated areas or outside.
  • Do not leave products unattended in the middle of a job.
  • Keep children and pets away when products are in use.
  • Keep lids on containers tightly sealed whenever the container does not need to be open.
  • Store products out of reach of children and pets and away from food.
  • Store away from sources of heat, flame, or sparks.
  • Do not smoke while using hazardous household products.
  • Do not mix different wastes, keep in original container.
  • If the container gets wet, damaged, or begins to corrode, keep the product in the original container and place the damaged container inside a plastic bucket with a tight-fitting lid. Clearly label the container and include any label warnings from the product.
  • If you no longer plan to use up a product that is still usable, donate to a friend or community organization that can use it. For example, surplus paints may be welcomed for theater projects, or renovation projects at churches or homeless shelters.
  • Liquid wastes should not go in solid waste landfills or combustion facilities.

Important Telephone Numbers

  • Business hazardous waste management questions: 617-292-5898
  • Confidential compliance assistance to businesses: 617-626-1060
  • Consumer hazardous household product questions: 800-343-3420
  • Difficult-to-manage wastes: 800-343-3420
  • Poison control: 617-232-2120
  • Used oil: 617-556-1022

MassDEP Regional Service Centers

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