• Muriatic or hydrochloric acid causes severe irritation or burns to skin and eyes.
  • Vapors may irritate respiratory tract.


  • Wear clothing that covers exposed skin areas. Use gauntlet-style acid-resistant gloves and eye protection when working with acid.
  • Use only in well ventilated areas.
  • Always add acid to water - never add water to acid.
  • Do not mix muriatic acid with any other chemicals.

Management Options

  • Do NOT dispose down the drain or in storm drains.
  • Do NOT dispose of in the trash: liquid wastes can leak in a trash truck and react with other chemicals.
  • Wastewater treatment facilities routinely use muriatic acid. Call your local facility to see if they will accept it.
  • To neutralize: In a large, 3-5 gallon plastic container, mix a one-pound box of sodium bicarbonate with a large quantity of water, mix, but leave some of the sodium bicarbonate visible at the bottom of the container. Slowly and carefully add the acid to the mixture stirring cautiously to avoid splashing. When the acid ceases to react (fizzing) and/or the sodium carbonate can be seen as a paste on the bottom of the container, the acid has been neutralized and can then be disposed down the drain. Should the acid not become neutralized, carefully add more sodium bicarbonate to the mixture.
  • Take to a hazardous household waste collection or commercial hazardous waste facility.