• Tanks containing fuel under pressure may explode if tank integrity is altered, causing severe injury or death.
  • Tanks containing compressed gas may explode in waste-to-energy facilities.


  • DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE VALVE FROM TANK. Special safety equipment is required to prevent explosion.
  • Tanks in good condition with old fittings may be reused with adapter purchased at most propane gas dealers.
  • Use up all residual gas, for non-refillable (disposable) tanks
  • Do not leave valve open, because escaping gas is a fire hazard as well as a source of air pollution.

Management Options

  • Do NOT dispose of tanks containing gas in the trash.
  • Take to a municipal collection program, if available, or save for a household hazardous waste collection event, if offered.
  • Check the Yellow Pages under "Gas - Propane" or search online for a company that will accept tanks for reuse.
  • Scrap metal yards may also accept empty tanks.
  • Very small EMPTY disposable tanks (1 liter) can be disposed of in the trash.

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