Build & Operate a Recycling or Composting Business

Reduce Waste

Manage Surplus & Unwanted Items

  • Donation & Reuse
    Options for donating electronics, construction materials, office equipment and household items.
  • Managing Construction & Demolition (C&D) Wastes
    Tools and resources for the proper management, recycling and disposal of materials from construction and demolition projects. Includes case studies of C&D waste reduction and recycling in specific projects across the state.

Learn About Recycling & the Economy

Grants & Loans

  • Closed Loop Fund
    A social impact fund investing $100 million in business and municipal efforts to increase the recycling of products and packaging.
  • Financial & Technical Assistance for Anaerobic Digestion Projects
    A matrix of grant, loan and assistance programs available to renewable energy developers who are proposing organics processing projects.
  • Recycling Business Development Grants
    This program is intended to help Massachusetts recycling processors and manufacturers create sustainable markets for eligible materials.
  • Recycling Loan Fund
    Administered by BDC Capital and funded by MassDEP this fund provides loans of between $50,000 and $500,000 to help Massachusetts businesses active in obtain the capital they need for recycling-related activities.

Regulatory Information