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Grants & Technical Assistance

  • MassDEP Municipal Assistance Coordinators
    There are eight MACs, who provide technical assistance on waste reduction and recycling to geographically-based groups of towns and cities.
  • Sustainable Materials Recovery Program (SMRP) Municipal Grants
    This grant program supports local recycling, composting/organics, reuse, source reduction, policy development and enforcement activities that increase diversion and reduce disposal. The annual application period is between early April and mid June.
  • SMRP Recycling Dividends Program (RDP)
    RDP provides payments to municipalities that have implemented specific programs and policies proven to maximize reuse, recycling and waste reduction.
  • SMRP Municipal Technical Assistance Grants
    Applicants can receive up to 80 hours of recycling/solid waste planning assistance from a MassDEP Municipal Assistance Coordinator (MAC). There are three application cycles per year: winter, summer and fall.
  • Recycling IQ Kit
    An open source set of steps, tools and resources to help you increase the quantity and improve the quality of recycling in your community.
  • Municipal Recycling Projects Database, Fiscal Years 2005-2012  pdf format of Municipal Recycling Projects Database, 2005-2012
xls format of                             Municipal Recycling Projects Database, 2005-2012
    MassDEP provides technical assistance to municipalities and solid waste districts to increase recycling and reduce waste. Project requests are accepted through an annual application and fulfilled by Municipal Assistance Coordinators who devote up to 80 hours per project in a hands-on consulting role. Direct funding may also be awarded for selected projects through a competitive grant solicitation. This document provides an index of municipal projects conducted during fiscal years 2005 through 2012. In the Excel spreadsheet version, you may use the auto-filter feature to search and sort projects by category. Instructions and contact information for requesting copies of final reports and deliverables for specific projects are included in the Key portion of the document.
  • Closed Loop Fund
    A social impact fund investing $100 million in business and municipal efforts to increase the recycling of products and packaging.
  • Financial & Technical Assistance for Anaerobic Digestion Projects
    A matrix of grant, loan and assistance programs available to renewable energy developers who are proposing organics processing projects.
  • Recycling Loan Fund
    Administered by BDC Capital and funded by MassDEP this fund provides loans of between $50,000 and $500,000 to help Massachusetts businesses active in obtain the capital they need for recycling-related activities.

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