Thanks, Massachusetts, for not throwing it all away. You're recycling more than ever! 

More than 334 recycling programs across the state collect a wide range of materials and Massachusetts residents recycle more than 500,000 tons each year. This is made possible with the help of more than 1,400 Massachusetts businesses that collect, process or use these materials to manufacture new products. Some material is ultimately shipped out-of-state or overseas to be recycled. 

Where does it all go? 

Some examples include:

MaterialSent toRecycled into...
Office PaperSalem, Westborough, and CharlestownOffice paper and various paper products
Newspapers, magazines, junk mail and mixed paperErving, Haverhill, and FitchburgCereal and cracker boxes, book covers and game boards
Boxboard and corrugated cardboardWorcester, WestboroughCardboard
Aluminum cansWestport, WestboroughCans, rain gutters, and window frames
Steel cansEverettSteel cans, bicycles, paper clips, steel beams, and other steel products
Plastic soda bottlesLawrence, WestboroughPolyester fleece and carpet
Milk jugs, detergent bottles and other plasticsLeominsterPlastic lumber and decking
Margarine & yogurt tubs and lidsOntario, CanadaFloor tiles, garbage cans, and pallets
GlassFranklin, MilfordGlass bottles and jars
ElectronicsGardner, Stoughton, Brockton, and Fall RiverRefurbished electronics, plastics, and metals

Many cities and towns provide for curbside and/or drop-off collection of many of these items. Learn more about local and nearby programs: How & Where to Recycle

What are examples of Massachusetts recycling businesses?

Massachusetts has a long and proud history of businesses and non-profit organizations that recycle raw materials that would otherwise be disposed. Some examples include:

  • Reuse: The Building Materials Resource Center of Roxbury collects and sells used building materials such as kitchen cabinets, windows, and appliances. Everyone benefits, as contractors save on disposal costs, building owners get a tax deduction, and low-income customers purchase products at discount prices.
  • Remanufacturing: Encore Images of Marblehead collects and remanufactures computer printer toner cartridges from commercial businesses.
  • Collection: E.L. Harvey & Sons of Westborough provides collection services for municipalities and businesses that generate recyclable paper and cardboard, bottles and cans, and construction and demolition debris. E.L. Harvey sorts materials and sells them to manufacturers who use the raw materials to make recycled content products.
  • Processing: ProPel PlasTech of Deerfield recycles scrap plastics by regrinding and selling them to manufacturers that use the plastics in their products. 
  • Manufacturing: The Newark Group collects, processes and manufactures recycled paper products. Newark's mills in Fitchburg and Haverhill use recycled newspaper, magazines and office paper collected from cities and towns to make a number of products, including 100% recycled-content paperboard for packaging cereal and many other consumer products.

Note: This list is a sampling of Massachusetts recycling businesses. It does not constitute an endorsement of any listed company.