Executive Office of Energy & Environmental Affairs (EEA) regulations implementing the Massachusetts bottle deposit law, which places a $0.05 refundable deposit on all carbonated soda, beer and malt beverage containers.

301 CMR 4.00: Provisions for Recycling Beverage Containers (Bottle Bill)  pdf format of 301 CMR 4.00: Bottle Bill Regulations

These regulations were last amended in July 2013.

Contact for Bottle Bill Information

Sean Sylver: 617-292-5747 or sean.sylver@state.ma.us

301 CMR 4.00: Proposed Amendments & Public Comment

  • There are no proposed regulations out for public comment at this time.

301 CMR 4.00: Recently Promulgated Amendments

  • There have been no recent amendments to these regulations.

Deposit Bottle & Can Recycling

Learn about the Massachusetts "Bottle Bill" and find local redemption centers.

The Massachusetts Bottle Deposit Law

  • The Massachusetts "Bottle Bill" - enacted in 1983 - places a five cent deposit on all carbonated soft drink, beer, malt beverage and sparkling water containers sold in the state. 

    By giving consumers a financial incentive to recycle, it reduces litter, conserves resources and saves energy.

    Under the law, you may return clean, empty bottles and cans to: 

    • Any retail outlet that sells or recently sold the same brands, types and sizes for full redemption value, or 
    • Any redemption center that will accept them. A redemption center is allowed to deduct processing fees from your refund.
  • Guide to the 1983 Bottle Bill for Consumers
    Information about consumer rights and responsibilities when redeeming containers.
  • Guide to the 1983 Bottle Bill for Distributors & Bottlers
    A summary of bottling and distribution company rights and responsibilities under the law.
  • Bottle Bill Resource Guide by the Container Recycling Institute (CRI)
    Learn about beverage container redemption laws across the country and around the world.

Open a Bottle & Can Redemption Center

  • If you wish to establish a redemption center, you must notify MassDEP in advance, provide the agency with updated information twice annually, and advise consumers that it is illegal to redeem containers originally purchased in other states for deposit refunds in Massachusetts.
  • Redemption Center Initial Registration  doc format of Redemption Center Registration
pdf format of                             Beverage Container Redemption Center Registration
    Use this form to notify MassDEP at least ten (10) business days in advance of commencing operations.
  • Recommended Redemption Center Signage  pdf format of Recommended Redemption Center Signage
doc format of                             Recommended Redemption Center Signage
    Example of sign used to advise consumers that it is illegal to redeem beverage containers bought in other states for deposit refunds in Massachusetts.