310 CMR 19.000: Current Regulations

  • 310 CMR 19.000: Solid Waste Management Facility Regulations  pdf format of 310 CMR 19.000: Solid Waste Management Facility Regs
    Current through the Solid Waste Regulatory Reform amendments of February 2014.

    19.001: Authority
    19.002: Purpose
    19.003: Applicability
    19.004: Severability
    19.005: Computation of Time
    19.006: Definitions
    19.007: Access Rights of the Department
    19.008: Accurate and Timely Submittals
    19.009: Accurate and Complete Record Keeping
    19.010: Accurate Monitoring
    19.011: Signatories, Certification and Engineer's Supervision
    19.012: Determinations by the Department
    19.013: Exemptions
    19.014: Prohibition on Open Dumps and Dumping Grounds and Illegal Disposal of Solid Waste
    19.015: Compliance
    19.016: Post-closure Use
    19.017: Waste Bans
    19.018: Third-party Inspections
    19.028: Requirements for Construction, Operation, Modification or Expansion of a Solid Waste Management Facility
    19.029: Applicable Permit and Certification Procedures for Construction, Operation, Modification or Expansion of a Solid Waste Management Facility
    19.030: Application for a Solid Waste Management Facility Permit
    19.032: Permit Procedure for a New Facility or Expansion Permit Application
    19.033: Permit Procedure for an Application for a Permit Modification or Other Approval
    19.034: Presumptive Approval Procedure
    19.035: Transfer Station Certifications
    19.036: Department's Modification, Suspension or Revocation of a Permit
    19.038: Review Criteria for a New or Expanded Facility Permit or Permit Modification
    19.041: Authorization to Construct
    19.042: Authorization to Operate
    19.043: Conditions for Permits and Other Approvals
    19.044: Transfer of Permits
    19.045: Facility Closure and Post-closure
    19.050: Private Facility Tax
    19.051: Financial Assurance Requirements
    19.060: Beneficial Use of Solid Wastes
    19.061: Special Waste
    19.062: Demonstration Projects or Facilities
    (19.070: Operator Certification Requirements: Reserved)
    19.080: Variances
    19.081: Enforcement Provisions
    19.082: Penalties
    19.083: Enforcement of Minimum Recycling Requirements

    19.100: Preamble
    19.101: Applicability
    19.102: Definitions
    19.103: Additional Requirements
    19.104: Landfill Facility Plan
    19.105: Equivalency Review Standards and Procedures
    19.106: Quality Assurance and Quality Control Requirements
    19.107: Construction Certification
    19.110: Ground Water Protection Systems
    19.111: Alternative Ground Water Protection System Design
    19.112: Landfill Final Cover Systems
    19.113: Alternative Landfill Final Cover System Design
    19.114: Ground Water Protection System and Final Cover Waivers
    19.115: Storm Water Control
    19.116: Surface and Ground Water Protection
    19.117: Air Quality Protection Systems
    19.118: Ground Water, Surface Water and Gas Monitoring Systems
    19.119: Design Requirements for Ash Landfills
    19.120: Design Requirements for Woodwaste Landfills
    19.121: Landfill Gas Recovery Operations
    19.130: Operation and Maintenance Requirements
    19.131: Additional Operation and Maintenance Requirements for Landfills that Accept Ash
    19.132: Environmental Monitoring Requirements
    19.133: Maintenance of Environmental Control and Monitoring Systems
    19.140: Landfill Closure Requirements
    19.141: Notice of Landfill Operation
    19.142: Landfill Post-closure Requirements
    19.143: Post-closure Use of Landfills
    19.150: Landfill Assessment Requirements
    19.151: Corrective Action Requirements

    19.200: Preamble
    19.201: Applicability
    19.202: Definitions
    19.203: Additional Requirements
    (19.204: Handling Facility Plan: Reserved)
    19.205: Handling Facility Design Requirements
    19.206: Construction and Demolition (C&D) Waste Processing Facilities Requirements
    19.207: Handling Facility Operation and Maintenance Requirements

    19.300: Preamble
    19.301: Applicability
    19.302: Definitions
    19.303: Class II Recycling Program

310 CMR 19.000: Proposed Amendments & Public Comment

  • There are no proposed regulations out for public comment at this time.

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