301 CMR 4.00: Provisions for Recycling of Beverage Containers (Bottle Bill Regulations)

Executive Office of Energy & Environmental Affairs (EEA) regulations implementing the Massachusetts bottle deposit law, which places a $0.05 refundable deposit on all carbonated soda, beer and malt beverage containers.

310 CMR 16.00: Site Assignment Regulations for Solid Waste Facilities

Siting approval requirements for solid waste facilities, including landfills, combustion facilities, and recycling, composting and conversion operations.

310 CMR 17.00: Recycling Industries Reimbursement Credit Grants

Regulations implementing a competitive grant program that formerly provided Massachusetts recycling processors and manufacturers with funding for capital, research and development investments to increase recycling of difficult to manage materials.

310 CMR 19.000: Solid Waste Facility Regulations

General requirements, procedures and permits, as well as design and operation/maintenance standards for landfills, transfer stations and handling/processing facilities.

310 CMR 30.000: Massachusetts Hazardous Waste Regulations

Comprehensive regulations addressing the generation, storage, collection, transport, treatment, disposal, use, reuse and recycling of hazardous waste in Massachusetts, including dredged material.

310 CMR 70.00: Environmental Results Program (ERP) Certification Regulations

Cross-program compliance certification requirements for boilers, dental facilities, dry cleaners, engines/turbines, printers, underground storage tanks and more.

310 CMR 73.00: Amalgam Wastewater & Recycling Regulations for Dental Facilities

These regulations apply to all Massachusetts dental practices and facilities that generate or discharge wastewater from mercury amalgam-related processes.

310 CMR 74.00: Removal & Recycling of Mercury-Added Vehicle Component Regulations

Regulations that prohibit the sale of mercury-added vehicle switches, require removal of switches and other mercury-added components before vehicles are crushed or shredded, and require compliance certifications.

310 CMR 75.00: Mercury-Added Product Collection, Recycling, Labeling & Sales Ban Regulations

Regulations that prohibit the sale of mercury-added products and lamps in Massachusetts unless manufacturers provide for collection and recycling of end-of-life products.

310 CMR 76.00: Mercury-Added Product Disposal Ban Regulations

Regulations that prohibit the disposal of mercury-added products in any manner other than recycling, disposing as hazardous waste or alternative method approved by MassDEP.