Landfills, Transfer Stations, Compost Sites & Recycling Facilities

Find lists of operating and inactive solid waste management facilities and locations across the state.

Siting Clean Energy at Closed Landfills

MassDEP is actively encouraging the development of solar and wind power installations on closed and capped landfills.

Municipal Waste Combustors

There are seven waste-to-energy incinerators in Massachusetts. Learn about their role in the state's solid waste management system and impacts on the environment.

Massachusetts Waste Disposal Bans

A number of easy-to-recycle and toxic materials are banned from disposal in Massachusetts combustion facilities and landfills.

Solid Waste Applications & Forms

Forms and instructions for solid waste management facilities, including siting, construction, operation, modification and closure; annual reporting and compliance certification; and third-party inspections (TPIs).

Waste & Recycling Regulations & Standards

MassDEP rules implementing state and federal environmental legislation.

Waste & Recycling Policies & Guidance

Documents interpreting MassDEP regulations and how to comply with them.

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What solid waste is, how much we produce, what happens to the material we discard, and more.