Households, businesses and institutions across Massachusetts generate nearly 8 million tons of solid waste per year. More than one-third of this material is recycled or composted. The rest is burned in incinerators (known as municipal waste combustors), buried in lined landfills or transported to out-of-state disposal facilities. There are seven solid waste combustion facilities in Massachusetts. These web pages provide an overview of the role they play in our state's waste management system, how they operate and are regulated, and the progress they are making toward reducing their emissions of targeted air pollutants.

About Municipal Waste Combustors

Learn about what these facilities are, what they burn, how they work, the wastes they generate, and how their emissions are controlled.

Regulation & Monitoring

Federal and state rules, permitting requirements, emission standards and facility monitoring.

Compliance & Enforcement

How MassDEP ensures that combustion facilities are meeting specified emission limits and brings them back into compliance when violations are found. 

Massachusetts Facilities

Facility overviews, technical profiles, emissions control and material separation plans, and Class II Recycling Program information for the state's municipal waste combustors.

Material Separation Plans (MSPs)

These plans describe public education, collection programs and other efforts by municipal waste combustor operators to prevent discarded mercury-containing items from entering their facilities.

Reporting Forms & Instructions

Information on the emissions monitoring reports that municipal waste combustors are required to file with MassDEP.

Municipal Waste Combustor Emissions Reports

Most waste-to-energy facilities in Massachusetts are required to submit periodic emissions reports to MassDEP and notify the agency when their emissions exceed applicable limits.

Instructions for Saving & Analyzing Data with Microsoft Excel

Step-by-step instructions for copying facility and trend data into a spreadsheet so it can be sorted, manipulated, saved and printed.

Units of Measure Glossary

Definitions of the terms used to describe and quantify municipal waste combustor operations and emissions.

Ask MassDEP Staff

If you have questions about a specific facility, please contact the appropriate regional office.

Municipal Waste Combustors: Data Disclaimer

The terms of use for this information, which MassDEP maintains to enhance public access to environmental data.