My business was operating for only part of the year. Am I still required to pay the entire fee?

The MassDEP billing year starts July 1 and ends June 30 of the following calendar year. If you held a permit, license, registration etc. on July 1 or were a certified ERP Printer, Dry Cleaner or Photo Processor on September 15, you are required to pay all of the appropriate fee(s) for the current fiscal year. If you surrendered your permit in writing to the Department on or before June 30 or submitted an ERP statement of non-applicability before September 15, you do not owe the fee and should complete and return the form for fee review requests.   Fees & Payments

I believe the permit or fee classification and amount on the invoice to be incorrect. What should I do?

Complete the Fee Review Request / Hardship Request Form and return it along with the invoice remittance slip and the appropriate payment in the enclosed return envelope. Please follow all instructions. If you have questions regarding permit requirements, please contact the regional or program contact listed on our payments and fees page. ( Fees & Payments )

What if the company name and/or address on the invoice are incorrect

Complete the Invoice Information Correction Form ( Fees & Payments ) and return it along with the invoice remittance slip and the appropriate payment. Please follow all instructions. Be sure to include a W-9 form if your company name changes.

My business went through an ownership change recently. Who is responsible for paying this invoice?

The owner of record on July 1 (September 15th for ERP Certifiers) is responsible for paying the invoice. However, if the invoice remains unpaid, all permits, certifications, etc. associated with the facility's annual compliance fee(s) will be automatically suspended. The new owner may be required to apply for new permits or satisfy other compliance or enforcement measures. It's best to call your regional or program contact to discuss your company's specific situation. ( Fees & Payments )

After sending in my payment, will I receive written confirmation or a certificate of compliance?

The Department no longer issues certificates of compliance for payment of annual compliance fees. Your cancelled check acts as proof of payment.

Should you have other questions, you may contact us through email or our toll-free number:

Phone: 1-888-846-4067