1. Instructions: BRP WP 34 doc format of WW Treatment Residual Landfill Closure Plans
pdf format of                             WW Treatment Residual Landfill Closure Plans

  2. Transmittal Form & Number for Permit Application & Payment

Permit Fact Sheet

  1. What is the purpose of this approval?

    This approval is intended to protect public health, safety, and the environment by comprehensive review and approval of plans and specifications for the closure of wastewater residuals landfills. Proper closure is necessary to ensure proper monitoring and to minimize the risk of groundwater and surface water contamination from potential leachate migration.

    Legislative authority for this approval is stated in Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 21, s. 27 and 43(2); MGL Chapter 83, s. 6 and 7; and MGL Chapter 111, s. 17; also 314 CMR 1.00 - 6.00.
  2. Who must apply for this approval?

    Any individual, business, or organization that owns and/or operates a site where sludge and other wastewater treatment facility residuals have been or will be disposed.
  3. What other requirements should be considered when applying for this approval?
    1. What prerequisites should be considered before applying for this approval?
      Identification is necessary of proper ownership of the site, receptors around the site, and local surface and groundwater resources. Groundwater and surface water flow directions must also be defined.
    2. What concurrent applications are related to this approval?
      Depending on site location and landfill closure design requirements, the following permits may also be applicable. 1) a wetlands order of conditions (310 CMR 10.00), 2) Air Quality permit (310 CMR 7.00), 3) Surface Water permit (314 CMR 3.00), and/or 4) Groundwater Discharge permit (314 CMR 5.00).
    Note: These additional requirements are intended to serve as a guide to the applicant. It does not necessarily include all requirements.
  4. What is the application fee?

    See Permit Application Timelines and Fees Schedule  pdf format of Permit Application Timelines and Fees Schedule
  5. What is the Primary Permit Location? What is the Reserve Copy Location?

    Primary Permit Location
    Department of Environmental Protection
    ________* Regional Office
    Wastewater Permitting Program
    * Find Your Region
  6. Where can I get a copy of the timelines?

    The timelines are available on the MassDEP website: Permit Application Timelines and Fees Schedule  pdf format of Permit Application Timelines and Fees Schedule
. There is no public comment period for this approval.
  7. What is the annual compliance fee?

    Current annual compliance fees can be found on the MassDEP website: Annual Compliance Assurance Fees  pdf format of Annual Compliance Assurance Fees
  8. How long is this approval in effect?

    Maintenance and monitoring of the site is generally conducted for a post closure period equal to 30 years. DEP may, upon request, reduce or extend the post-closure period as deemed necessary dependent upon site specific conditions.
  9. How can I avoid the most common mistakes made in applying for this approval?
    1. Make sure all required maps and site plans are included with both copies of registration form.
    2. Be sure site plans indicate limits of filled area and planned or completed closure information.
    3. Include all necessary information required by DEP policies and guidance documents.
    4. Make sure a Professional Engineer registered in Massachusetts signs and stamps any plans/sketches including reports that are submitted to DEP.
    5. Submit fee and one copy of the DEP Transmittal Form to: Department of Environmental Protection, P.O. Box 4062, Boston, MA 02211.
  10. What are regulations and policies that apply to this approval? Where can I get copies?
    1. Division of Water Pollution Control, Wastewater Residuals Guidance Document No. 89-2, Closure/Post Closure Requirements for Sludge Landfills.
    2. Division of Water Pollution Control, Residuals Guidance Document No. 90-1, Guidelines for Hydrogeologic Evaluations
    3. Timely Action and Fee Provisions, 310 CMR 4.00.
    4. Administrative Penalty Regulations, 310 CMR 5.00.
    Water Pollution Control Guidance Documents are attached to this application kit.

    Copies of the regulations may be purchased online, in person, or by mail at the Massachusetts State Bookstore .