1. Instructions: BRP WP 45 doc format of Residuals Management Facility Mod. Instructions
pdf format of                             Residuals Management Facility Mod. Instructions

  2. Transmittal Form & Number for Permit Application & Payment

Permit Fact Sheet 

  1. What is the purpose of this permit?

    This permit reflects changes to facility operation and maintenance, process control, process equipment or any other modifications proposed to facilities originally approved by MassDEP under BRP WP 35, including any changes in capacity or materials received.

    Statutory authority for this permit is stated in Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 21, s. 27 and 43(2); Chapter 83, s. 6 and 7; and Chapter 14, s. 17; and 314 CMR 12.00.

    The approval serves to protect the public health, welfare, and environment through the proper design of composting, pelletizing, and alkaline stabilization facilities. These facilities must be properly designed and operated to ensure continuous treatment of sludge and other residuals and allow for subsequent beneficial use of the final products generated.
  2. Who must apply?

    Any individual, commercial establishment or business that proposes to modify the design, size, or process or construct additional facilities for the purposes of treating residuals generated from commercial and municipal wastewater treatment facilities. This permit also covers proposed pilot and demonstration programs.
  3. What other requirements should be considered when applying for this permit?
    1. What prerequisites should be considered when applying for this permit?
      Ownership of the property and any restrictive covenants on the land should be determined. The extent of any property use restrictions should be determined. To site a facility, authority must be obtained from all parties with ownership of, or rights to the property.

      Identification should be made of all local abutters and the approximate distance from the proposed facility to those receptors. Caution should be exercised to identify an acceptable buffer area to minimize odor migration and potential impacts on local receptors.

      Permits of this type may require MEPA review. Please carefully examine 301 CMR 11.00, the MEPA Regulations, to determine if your project exceeds the MEPA review thresholds, or for more information contact the MEPA Unit of the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs (100 Cambridge Street, Boston, MA 02202; 617-727-5830). MassDEP cannot complete technical review of the permit application until the MEPA process has been concluded. Copies of MEPA filings (with reference to any applicable Transmittal numbers) should be sent to the appropriate program offices in Boston and the MEPA Coordinator in the appropriate Regional Office.
    2. What concurrent applications are related to this permit?
      A site hearing may be required pursuant to M.G.L. Chapter 21, Section 21 - 43 or Chapter 83, Sections 6 and 7 after submission of design plans and after completion of the MEPA process but prior to final Department approval of plans and specifications.

      Depending on site location and facility design a Wetland Order or Conditions (310 CMR 10.00), or Air Quality permit (310 CMR 7.00) may be required.

      Notification and submittal of process flow schematic is required to the wastewater operator certification board (257 CMR 2.00) for any new facilities and significant operational changes to existing facilities.
    Note: These additional requirements are intended to serve as a guide to the applicant. It does not necessarily include all additional requirements.
  4. What is the application fee?

    See  Permit Application Timelines and Fees Schedule  pdf format of Permit Application Timelines and Fees Schedule

  5. What is the Primary Permit Location? What is the Reserve Copy Location?

    Primary Permit Copy Location
    Department of Environmental Protection
    ________* Regional Office
    Wastewater Permitting
    * Find Your Region

    Reserve Copy Location
  6. Where can I get a copy of the timelines?

    The timelines are available on the MassDEP website: Permit Application Timelines and Fees Schedule  pdf format of Permit Application Timelines and Fees Schedule
  7. What is the annual compliance assurance fee?

    Current annual compliance fees are available on the MassDEP website: Annual Compliance Assurance Fees  pdf format of Annual Compliance Assurance Fees
. If you fail to pay the annual compliance fee, your permit could be suspended or revoked.
  8. How long is the permit in effect?

    This approval shall remain in effect for as long as the residual management facility is operated in compliance with the original approval. A new application form must be submitted for any substantive changes in site, design, or operation of the facility.
  9. How can I avoid the most common mistakes made in applying for this permit?
    1. Provide all necessary information that properly describes the proposal requested.
    2. Provide all detailed engineering drawings and specifications for final approvals.
    3. Make sure a Massachusetts Registered Professional Engineer stamps and signs all submittals for design approvals.
    4. Submit the fee and one copy of the MassDEP Transmittal Form to: Department of Environmental Protection, P.O. Box 4062, Boston, MA 02201.
  10. What are the regulations and policies that apply to this permit? Where can I get copies?

    The regulations and policies include, but are not limited to:
    1. WPC, Wastewater Residuals Guidance Document No. 87-1, "Blending Policy".
    2. WPC, Wastewater Residuals Guidance Document No. 87-2, "Horticultural Use".
    3. WPC, Wastewater Residuals Guidance Document No. 87-3, "Multi-site/Single-ownership".
    4. WPC, Wastewater Residuals Guidance Document No. 87-4, "Pilot and Demonstration Programs".
    5. WPC, Residuals Guidance Document No. 91-1, "Minimum Technical Information Needs for Submittal of Plans and Specifications for Composting Facilities.
    6. Operation and Maintenance and Pre-Treatment Standards for Wastewater Treatment Works and Indirect Discharges, 314 CMR 12.00.
    7. Timely Action and Fee Provisions, 310 CMR 4.00.
    8. Administrative Penalty Regulations, 310 CMR 5.00.
    These may be purchased online, in person, or by mail at the Massachusetts State Bookstore .