1. Instructions: BRP WP 64a doc format of Instructions BRP WP 64a Tight Tank Install
pdf format of                             BRP WP 64a - Approval of Tight Tank

  2. Form: BRP WP 64a doc format of BRP WP 64a - Approval of Tight Tank
pdf format of                             BRP WP 64a - Approval of Tight Tank

  3. Transmittal Form & Number for Permit Application & Payment

Permit Fact Sheet 

  1. What is the purpose of this approval?

    These approvals are necessary to ensure that the treatment and disposal of sanitary sewage through the use of an on-site subsurface sewage disposal system is performed in an environmentally acceptable manner and in accordance with the provisions of Title 5 of the Environmental Code, 310 CMR 15.000.

    BRP WP 64a establishes a process for MassDEP review of proposed installation of tight tanks for site-specific use. Tight tanks are used only to eliminate a failed on-site system when there is no other feasible alternative to upgrade the system in accordance with Title 5 and a sewer connection is not feasible.
  2. Who must apply?

    Any State or Federal facility or individual, business or organization specifically required to apply by MassDEP, desiring to install a tight tank in accordance with 310 CMR 15.260 and 310 CMR 15.000.
  3. What is the application fee?

    See Permit Application Timelines and Fees Schedule  pdf format of Permit Application Timelines and Fees Schedule
  4. What is the Primary Permit Location? What is the Reserve Copy Location?

    Primary Permit Location:
    Department of Environmental Protection (2 copies)
    __________* Regional Office
    Title 5 Permitting Program
    * Find Your Region

    There are no Reserve Copy Locations for these permits.
  5. Where can I get a copy of the timelines?

    The timelines are available on the MassDEP Website: Permit Application Timelines and Fees Schedule  pdf format of Permit Application Timelines and Fees Schedule
  6. What is the annual compliance fee?

    There is no annual compliance fee for these permits.
  7. How long is this approval in effect?

    These approvals remain valid as long as the system and facility served remain unchanged.
  8. How can I avoid the most common mistakes made in applying for this approval?
    1. Review application for completeness to be sure all questions are answered correctly.
    2. Make sure two (2) copies of plans and specifications are complete and signed and stamped by a Massachusetts Registered Sanitarian or Professional Engineer, whichever is appropriate.
    3. Submit fee and one copy of the MassDEP Transmittal Form to:  Department of Environmental Protection, P. O. Box 4062, Boston, MA 02211.
  9. What are the regulations that apply to this approval? Where can I get copies?

    These regulations include, but are not limited to:
    1. Title 5 Regulations, 310 CMR 15.000.
    2. Timely Schedule Action and Fee Provisions, 310 CMR 4.00.
    These may be purchased online, in person, or by mail at the Massachusetts State Bookstore .

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