1. Instructions: BRP WS 19 doc format of BRP WS 19 Instructions
pdf format of                             BRP WS 19 - Approval of Pumping Test >70gpm

  2. Form: BRP WS 19 doc format of BRP WS Permit/Approval Application
pdf format of                             Application for Water Supply Permits or Approvals

  3. Transmittal Form & Number for Permit Application & Payment

Permit Fact Sheet

  1. What is the purpose of this approval?

    The approval of the pumping test report includes the approval of the following items:
    • the pumping test analysis;
    • the Zone II delineation;
    • the Groundwater Monitoring Well Program;
    • the wellhead protection nonzoning and zoning controls.
    The regulatory requirements for the Source Approval process are presented in 310 CMR 22.21 and described in detail in the Division of Water Supply's Guidelines and Policies for Public Water Systems (available at the State House Bookstore).

    Approval of the four items mentioned above are an indication that the area contributing water to the well has been defined and that there are water quality protective mechanisms in place within this delineated area.
  2. Who must apply?

    Any individual, company, municipality or district intending to develop a public source of water supply serving 15 service connections or 25 individuals at least 60 days per year.
  3. What other requirements should be considered when applying for this approval?

    General awareness that following approval of the Final Source Report, the project proponent should submit a permit application to the Division of Water Supply, Water Management Act in Boston. Prior to submitting the Source Final Report for approval, the directives provided by 310 CMR 22.21, and the Division of Water Supply's Guidelines and Policies for Public Water Systems should all be consulted.

    The final approval in the Source Approval process is the approval to construct the source.

    Note: Approvals of this type may require MEPA review. Please carefully examine 301 CMR 11.00, the MEPA Regulations, to determine if your project exceeds the MEPA review thresholds, or for more information contact the MEPA Unit of the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs (100 Cambridge Street, Boston, MA 02202; 617-727-5830). MassDEP cannot begin technical review of the permit application until the MEPA process has been completed, unless otherwise agreed to in writing. Copies of MEPA filings (with reference to any applicable Transmittal numbers) should be sent to the appropriate program offices in Boston and the MEPA Coordinator in the appropriate Regional Office.

    Note: These additional requirements are intended to serve as a guide to the applicant. It does not necessarily include all additional requirements.
  4. What is the application fee?

    See Permit Application Timelines and Fees Schedule  pdf format of Permit Application Timelines and Fees Schedule
  5. Where should this application be submitted?

    Submit: a) completed original copy of the MassDEP Transmittal Form for Permit Application (Do not include payment); b) the completed BRP WS Application form; and, c) one hard copy of the required supporting documentation, and one electronic copy of the required supporting documentation in PDF format and submitted on a compact disk or other acceptable media to:

    ________* Regional Office
    ATTN: Drinking Water Program

    * Find Your Region to find the mailing address for the regional office for your town.
  6. Where should I send the fee payment for this application?

    Submit the applicable fee payment and a copy of the MassDEP Transmittal Form for Permit Application and Payment to:

    P.O. Box 4062
    Boston, MA 02211
  7. Where can I get a copy of the timelines?

    The timelines are available on the MassDEP Website: Permit Application Timelines and Fees Schedule  pdf format of Permit Application Timelines and Fees Schedule
  8. What is the annual compliance fee?

    There is no annual compliance assurance fee for this approval.
  9. How long is this approval in effect?

    Approval of the Source Final Report is valid for 2 years.
  10. How can I avoid the most common mistakes made in applying for this approval?
    1. Be sure all checklist items are complete.
    2. Review Drinking Water Regulations 310 CMR 22.21 and the Division of Water Supply's Guidelines and Policies for Public Water Systems regarding what is evaluated as part of the Final Source Report. Both publications are available at the State House Bookstore. Communicate with MassDEP concerning the materials necessary for an approvable submission.
    3. Make sure that the BRP WS Application submittal package, including the Application Completeness Checklist, and the original copy of the MassDEP Transmittal Form is submitted to the appropriate Regional office of MassDEP. Find Your Region
    4. Submit fee and one copy of the MassDEP Transmittal Form to: Department of Environmental Protection, P. O. Box 4062, Boston, MA 02211. DO NOT submit your BRP WS Application package with your payment.
  11. What are the regulations that apply to this approval? Where can I get copies?

    These regulations include, but are not limited to:
    1. Drinking Water Regulations, 310 CMR 22.00.
    2. Timely Action and Fee Provisions, 310 CMR 4.00.
    3. Administrative Penalty Regulations, 310 CMR 5.00.
    These may be purchased online, in person, or by mail at the Massachusetts State Bookstore .

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