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Permit Fact Sheet 

  1.  Who must apply?

    Any party who has discharged, is discharging, or proposes to discharge to a Class V Water Purification Discharge Well as defined in 310 CMR 27.00 must apply unless exempted by 310 CMR 27.07. Also, any party that has a registered Class V water purification discharge well with the UIC Program for which ownership, contents or type of discharge, physical location, number of wells, or construction details have or will change. Also any Class V water purification discharge well that was not previously registered and which is now being registered for Pre-Closure. The only types of Class V water purification UIC wells not requiring UIC Registration are those associated with properties that are only used for single unit (family) residential use OR for which a permit has been obtained from the MassDEP Ground Water Discharge Program (314 CMR 5.00). MassDEP determines whether an applicant must file for a Ground Water Discharge Permit as opposed to a UIC Registration based upon the types and quantities of chemicals proposed for discharge.

    If you are attempting to register a different type of UIC Class V well then see Underground Injection Control Forms to obtain the applicable UIC Registration application for your well type. Also see UIC Class V Well Category and Well Type Descriptions for descriptions of the various UIC Class V well types.
  2. May I submit one application for multiple properties?

    No. A separate BRP WS 06 UIC Registration application form must be submitted for each facility address. Multiple wells may only be registered under one application if all wells are on the same property. Also, all wells must be in the same municipality (with some limited exceptions).
  3. What land use types must use this application?

    This application form applies to all types of land uses.
  4. What are the fees?

    See Permit Application Timelines and Fees Schedule  pdf format of Permit Application Timelines and Fees Schedule
  5. What are the review timelines?

    If MassDEP fails to issue a determination for the registration of the UIC Class V well on an adequately prepared BRP WS-06 application within 48 days of receipt of the application and payment of the application fee, the Department will refund the entire fee and will continue with the review. The same applies if MassDEP fails to issue a determination for the application for pre-closure of a UIC Class V well within 30 days of receipt of the application and payment of the application fee. See Fees & Payments .
  6. What regulations apply?

    Regulations that apply primarily include, but are not limited to:
    • Underground Injection Control Program, 310 CMR 27.00
    These may be purchased online, in person, or by mail at the Massachusetts State Bookstore .
  7. What other requirements must be considered?

    The installation and operation of Class V Water Purification discharge wells shall comply with the MassDEP Standard Design Guidelines for Shallow UIC Class V Injection Wells .

    You may only register one UIC Class V “well category” and “well type” combination with each BRP WS06 application. If your residence or facility includes multiple combinations of “well category” and “well type” then you must submit a separate BRP WS06 application with applicable payment transmittal form and fee for each unique combination. The requirement for separate applications applies whether for multiple single use wells or a single well that is used for more than one type of UIC Class V wastewater discharge.

    If your application is for the conversion of a well that was not previously registered then you must submit two (2) separate BRP WS06 applications (with 2 separate payment transmittal forms) and pay the fees associated with each registration application. One application must be submitted for the proposed converted new use and one for the closure or partial closure of the unregistered well use.

    In addition to the above UIC registration requirements, applicants should consider the need to obtain the following permits or sanctions that may apply:
    • Wetlands requirements should be checked through the local Conservation Commission;
    • Ground Water Discharge Permit Program (314 CMR 5.00);
    • A MassDEP Title 5 Permit (310 CMR 15.00);
    • Local Board of Health requirements may also apply; and,
    • Local Plumbing Inspector requirements.
    Note: The additional requirements listed above are examples intended to serve as a guide to the applicant. They do not necessarily include all possible additional requirements.
  8. How long is the Registration valid?

    UIC registrations for Class V wells currently do not have expiration dates provided that the Owner/Operator submits a UIC Modification Application when pertinent inventory information changes. Future changes in Massachusetts regulations may establish expiration/renewal dates for any and all UIC Class V well types.
  9. How do I apply?

    To submit an application to MassDEP, follow these steps:
    1. Complete a Transmittal Form & Number for Permit Application & Payment. Submit payment and original signed transmittal form to the MassDEP address shown on the transmittal form. Please note that if you are sending in payment for multiple application forms you must submit a separate transmittal form (each with a unique transmittal number) for each form that is submitted.
    2. Complete the appropriate Application Form: BRP WS 06 UIC Registration-Water Purification Discharge Well. Include all specified information. Use additional sheets if necessary.
    3. Submit a complete application package, including a BRP WS 06 form, a copy of the transmittal form, and all specified attachments to:
      BRP UIC Program
      One Winter Street, 5th floor
      Boston, MA 02108
      Please note that if that the PO box shown on the Transmittal Form for Permit Application and Payment is for the bank that MassDEP uses to deposit permit and registration fees. If you send the entire application package to the PO box rather than the One Winter Street address, the bank will discard everything other than the Payment Transmittal Form and check and you will be required to resubmit your application package to MassDEP.
    4. Retain a copy of the complete application package for your files.