1. Instructions: BWP AQ 12 doc format of Operating Permit Renewal Instructions
pdf format of                             Operating Permit Renewal Form & Instructions

  2. Form: BWP AQ 12 doc format of Operating Permit Renewal Form
pdf format of                             Operating Permit Renewal Form & Instructions

  3. Transmittal Form & Number for Permit Application & Payment

Permit Fact Sheet 

  1. What is the purpose of a Renewal?
    An Operating Permit Renewal form shall be completed by an owner or operator of a facility subject to the Operating Permit and Compliance Program as defined in 310 CMR 7.00:Appendix C(2), to renew a current Operating Permit which is reaching expiration. 
  2. Who Must Apply for an Operating Permit Renewal?
    Pursuant to 310 CMR 7.00:Appendix C(4)(b)4, an Operating Permit Renewal form must be submitted no later than 6 months prior to expiration of the current Operating Permit.  In addition, when processing a significant modification according to 310 CMR 7.00:Appendix C(8)(a)3, and there is less than or equal to 2 years remaining on the Operating Permit, the owner/operator of the facility may submit a Renewal Application, form BWP AQ12.  Since the timeline to issue a significant modification may overlap the submittal due date for the renewal application, it is recommended that they be submitted concurrently.
  3. How is an Operating Permit Renewal Processed and What are the Timelines?
    Pursuant to 310 CMR 7.00:Appendix C( 4)(b)4, a timely Operating Permit Renewal Application shall be submitted at least six months prior to the expiration of the Operating Permit.
    To be Administratively Complete, an Operating Permit Renewal Application shall contain, at a minimum, items specified in 310 CMR 7.00:Appendix (C)(5)(b). Additional information may be requested by the Department as provided for in 310 CMR 7.00:Appendix C(5)(a)
    Pursuant to 310 CMR 7.00:Appendix C(12), the Department may grant an application shield when a timely and administratively complete Operating Permit Renewal Application is received.  An application shield allows the facility to continue operations (as the approved Operating Permit allows) while the renewal application is being reviewed, even if the review extends beyond the expiration date of the approved permit.  Unless a facility obtains an application shield, the right to operate the facility terminates upon the expiration of its Operating Permit.
    Pursuant to 310 CMR 7.00:Appendix C(4)(c)5,  final action by the Department shall be taken on each Operating Permit Renewal Application within (9) nine months of receipt of a complete form AQ OP12B.
  4.  What is the Application Fee for an Operating Permit Renewal?
    None, according to 310 CMR 4.10(2).
  5. What is the Primary Permit Location? What is the Reserve Copy Location?
    Primary Permit Location:                                                Reserve Copy Location:
    Dept. of Environmental Protection                                    Dept. of Environmental Protection
    _______________*Regional Office                                   _______________*Regional Office
    Air Quality Control                                                          Air Quality Control
    *Refer to your Operating Permit for the appropriate MassDEP Regional Office or Find your region: Find Your Region
    All completed application packages should be submitted in duplicate (one primary copy, one reserve copy) to the appropriate regional office for review and approval.
    Upon approval of the application, MassDEP stamps the reserve and returns it to you for your records.  In this manner, MassDEP and the applicant have identical copies of the approved submittal.
  6. How Long are Operating Permits in Effect?
    Operating Permits are in effect for five years unless:
    1. otherwise stated in the approval;
    2. significant modifications to the facility are proposed where less than 2 years remain of the term of the OP which requires renewal; or
    3. permits for solid waste incineration units combusting municipal waste subject to standards under 42 U.S.C. 8401, § 129(e) shall be issued for a period not to exceed 12 years and reviewed by the Department at least every five years.
  7. How Can I Avoid the Most Common Mistakes Made in Applying for an Operating Permit Renewal?
    1. Answer all questions on the form and indicate “N/A” (not applicable) where appropriate
    2. Submit all supplementary information requested in the application.
    3. Submit two copies of the application to the regional office for review.
  8. Where Can I Get Copies of the Regulations?
    These may be purchased online, in person, or by Mail at the Massachusetts State Bookstore