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Fact Sheet

As a transporter of hazardous waste, you are required to apply annually for Vehicle Identification Devices (VIDs) and to pay to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) a VID Fee. The VID Fee is assessed according to the weight of manifested hazardous waste that you picked up and/or dropped off in Massachusetts during a 12-month accounting period ending the previous March 31. Waste that is exempt from the Hazardous Waste Transporter Fee is also exempt from the VID Fee.

The VID Fee is set at $0.00172 per pound of non-exempt hazardous waste manifested for transport or $60, whichever is more. The "minimum" VID Fee of $50 applies if you are a newly licensed transporter and/or hauled no hazardous wastes during the accounting period, hauled only exempt waste, or hauled less than 35,714 pounds of non-exempt waste. Please review your fee information provided in Section E of your VID Application.

Your fee is calculated based on quarterly totals of non-exempt hazardous waste picked up and/or dropped off in Massachusetts during the 12 month accounting period ending March 31, prior to the application. Section E of the VID application shows the total amount of the VID fee owed.

The deadline for submitting your annual VID application online to MassDEP is by 5 p.m. on December 31of each calendar year. If you meet this deadline, you will be allowed to use your VID cards until the date you receive your new VID cards. If you miss the December 31, filing deadline MassDEP will still guarantee timely review of your application, but you will be prohibited from using your vehicles to transport hazardous waste in Massachusetts until you receive valid VID cards for the New Year.

If you have questions or are unable to apply online, please contact Marrcus Henry (marrcus.henry@state.ma.us or 617-292-5576) or Michael Hurley (michael.hurely@state.ma.us or 617-292-5983) for assistance.

Online Filing Instructions

We have only one online VID form called the "HW28 VID Permit Form." The first time you submit the new form, it is the annual VID renewal and will contain the annual fee information and Transmittal Form. To make changes or additions to the vehicles at a later time, start and complete a new HW28 VID Permit Form and it will contain no fee information.

To use the online system you will need to use combination of your user name/password. If you have forgotten your login information or have other difficulties accessing your eDEP account, contact the Help Desk: 617-556-1100 or helpdesk.EEA@massmail.state.ma.us.

Login to eDEP

Login to your eDEP account:

eDEP Online Filing    

Enter your Username and Password and click the "login" button. Even if you have not used eDEP since last year's VID annual renewal, you should still be able to use the same Username/Password combination.

If you cannot login to your eDEP account, call the HelpDesk at 617-556-1100 or send an email to: helpdesk.EEA@massmail.state.ma.us

This should bring you to "My eDEP" page. There will be a list of your previous online submittals.

At the top of the page, on the Green Menu Bar move your cursor next to the word Forms on to a down arrow, you will see a dropdown menu. Select, “Business Sector” or “Waste/ Recycling”. Find the form BWP HW28-VID permit form, and then click the blue button “start transaction” to the far right of the form name in the same raw, to begin a new form. This brings you to the “Represent Business” page. "Select the business you want to represent" box, select your company. Click the "continue" button.

This will bring you to the "Preform" page. Your EPAID number will be displayed. Click the "Search" button. A checkbox and "Next" button will be added to the bottom half of the page. If the information is correct, check the box and click the "Next" button.

This brings you to the "Transaction Overview" page. Click the "Next" to bring up the HW 28 Form.

Navigating the Forms

When working in the form, use the blue buttons at the top to Save, Validate, Print or Cancel (close the form without saving changes). YOU MUST VALIDATE EACH FORM AND SUBFORM. After scrolling through a form or sub form and entering your information, go to the top of the page and press VALIDATE. This will check and save the information. After making any corrections, VALIDATE the form again.

After validation, you will see a check mark next to the form in the list of the "Related "forms you are completing. After a form is validated, you may still make changes by clicking on the form in the "Related" forms list to open the form. After making changes, you must VALIDATE the form again to keep the changes.

TIP: VALIDATE and NEXT are the most important buttons for completing the application. After entering information in the form, press VALIDATE. When you are not actually in the HW28 Form, press NEXT to continue.

You may sometimes experience erratic behavior when using the tab key to move between fields. If this happens, just use the mouse to click into the field where you want the cursor to be. We have tried to fix this but results seem to vary.

The forms will work better if you do not try to rush things. Give the data time to load before starting to work. If you have to click on a "click here to correct" link, give the form time to load and highlight the field that needs to be corrected.

Step 1: Applicant/Vehicle Information

Section A. General Information

Most of the Applicant information in Part 1 will be pre-filled and cannot be edited. In Part2, VID Mailing Address, you must either check the box indicating the mailing address is the same as Part 1 or provide the information. Complete Part 3 if appropriate.

Section B & C. Vehicle Information

There are two sections containing vehicle information. In section B, you can review and make changes to the information for vehicles that already have VIDs. In section C, you can add new vehicles.

We have added error checking for Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) to the form this year. Starting in model year 1980, the Federal Government required all VINs to comply with a scheme set forth at 49 CFR 565. (This scheme does not allow the letters "I" "O" and "Q" and also performs a more complicated check sum calculation.) The form will display an error message when you edit or enter a new VIN that does not pass the error check. You will not be able to validate form C when it contains VIN errors.

Section B. Existing Vehicle Information

NOTE: Changes of Model Year/VIN and License Plate Number/State are made right on Form B.

All of the vehicles that already have VIDs will be shown sorted by VID number. Up to 80 vehicles grouped into 4 pages of 20 vehicles each can be shown in the first form B. Scroll down to see the complete list. If you have more than 80 existing vehicles, there will be another form B after you complete and validate the first Form B.

If the information for a vehicle is correct, you don't need to do anything. If you need to change the information for a vehicle type one of the status change letters in the status box next to the vehicle. You can then edit the corresponding information for that vehicle. The status change letters are explained in the Status Key at the top of Section B.

TIP: After typing a "C" to change the License Plate Number and/or State, or typing a "V" to change the model year and/or VIN number, either press the tab key or click in a blank area of the form. This should move the highlight to one of the items you can edit. If the highlight doesn't move to the correct space, just use the mouse and click on the correct field. Typing the TAB key or clicking a blank area after entering a status letter will open the appropriate fields for editing. For status X, vehicle no longer in service in MA and status L, lost VID card, you do not change any of the other information for that vehicle. For status L, we will send you a new VID card.

After reviewing all the vehicles (up to 80) on the form and making changes, go to the top and press Validate. If you have more than 80 trucks, you will have more form B's to complete. If you don't have to make any changes, just validate the form without entering any status characters.

Section C. New Vehicles

Enter information for trucks that have not been issued VIDs. You will not be able to validate the form with VINs that do not pass the check-digit test. If you don't have any new trucks to enter, just validate the blank form.

Sections D, E, F & G

  • Section D. has instructions for returning VID cards.
  • Section E. shows the VID fee you owe. You cannot edit the fee information. If you think there is a mistake, give us a call.
  • Section G is the certification. You need only fill in the "Print Name" field. The rest of the information will be completed later in Step 3.

At this point, you are finished with Step 1 but still have to complete Steps 2 and 3. Steps 2 and 3 are very short. Press "Next Step" to go on to Step 2.

Step 2: Signature

Check the box next to "Section G Certification, enter your name and click the "I Accept" button.

Step 3: Payment Options

Select the payment option of your choice:

  • Credit Card,
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH; this is an electronic transaction), or
  • Check (mail in payment).

Click Continue. If you select ACH, click Continue and follow the instructions.

Step 3A: Transmittal Form

A copy of the Transmittal Form must be mailed with your payment. If you prefer to pay by check, you need only to enter the check number and date at the bottom of the form, then print the form and validate. The address to mail the form and payment is on the left side of the form.

Step 4: Submit

Click "Submit." Check your email address. Click on "Print Receipt" if you want to print a receipt and a new window will open. You may need to scroll down to the print button. After printing click the "Cancel" button to close the print receipt window. Printing the receipt is optional. A receipt will be emailed to you whether or not you choose to print the receipt.

Click the "Next" button to finish submitting the form. The next page will show the three steps you have completed with check marks next to each step. You are now finished.

If you click on "My Homepage" at the top of the page you will be taken back to your homepage and will see the form you just finished at the top of your list of transactions. If you want to get a copy of the entire submittal, click on the "Get Copy" link and follow the instructions.

Please remember to mail your payment and a copy of the Transmittal Form to the address printed on the left margin of the Transmittal Form. Ignore the directions about mailing the original with your application. This has already been done when you submitted electronically.


You do not have to complete the entire form at one time. You can save your work using one of the "Save" or "Validate" buttons at the top of the form. You can then disconnect from the eDEP site and you work will be saved. To continue work on the form, log back in and from your eDEP Homepage just click on the "open" link next to the form you were working on and press "Next Step." Forms that have not yet been submitted will have a status of "work in progress."

You can open forms that have already been submitted but you cannot make any changes.

To find out if we have processed your application, click on the "open" link next to the form and then click on "View Activity/Status." We will make an entry here only after we have mailed your VID Cards and Stickers