Compliance Update: Extension of Solid Waste Facility Third-Party Inspector Registration Renewals

Due to delays in implementing the new solid waste facility third-party inspector online application process, MassDEP is extending renewal deadlines for currently registered inspectors. If your registration expired in 2016 or will expire during the first five months of 2017, you now have until June 1, 2017, to renew. MassDEP will notify you of the new online renewal procedure when the system is available. If you have questions, please contact Tom Adamczyk at 617-574-6867.

  1. Instructions: BWP SW 48  doc format of Instructions: BWP SW 48
pdf format of                             Instructions: BWP SW 48

  2. Form: BWP SW 48  doc format of Form: BWP SW 48
pdf format of                             Form: BWP SW 48

  3. Transmittal Form & Number for Permit Application & Payment

Permit Fact Sheet 

  1. What is the purpose of these permits?

    Only third-party Inspectors listed by MassDEP may perform third-party inspections of solid waste management facilities. To be listed, a third-party inspector must register with MassDEP by filing a statement of their qualifications. MassDEP will review an applicant’s Qualifications Statement to determine if the applicant meets the regulatory requirements to perform a third-party inspection. Applicants determined by MassDEP to be qualified will be listed on MassDEP’s website as a third-party inspector. 

    Legislative authority for this permit is stated in MGL c. 21A, ss. 2 and 8, c. 111, s. 150A and the Acts of 1987 c. 584. Regulations promulgated pursuant to these laws are codified in 310 CMR 19.000, Solid Waste Management Regulations.

  2. Who must apply?

    Any individual intending to perform third party inspections of a solid waste management facility pursuant to 310 CMR 19.018 must submit a Qualifications Statement in accordance with 310 CMR 19.018(5)(c).

  3. What other requirements should be considered when applying for these permits?

    a. What prerequisites should be considered before applying for this permit?

    A third-party inspector must demonstrate that s/he has the required education, experience and training, as applicable, necessary to be listed as a third-party inspector. 

    Note on the MassDEP waste ban training requirement: To be listed as an individual qualified to be a third-party inspector for waste ban inspections, you must have taken the required MassDEP training . Because the agency has been unable to provide sufficient training sessions to meet the demand, however, you may indicate on your application that you plan to attend this training in the future. As long as you meet the other applicable requirements, you will be conditionally listed as a qualified third-party waste ban inspector. See MassDEP Waste Ban Training to learn more about upcoming opportunities. Please note that you may not conduct third-party waste ban inspections until you complete the required training. 

    b.  What concurrent applications are related to this permit?


  4. What is the application fee?

    See: Permit Application Timelines and Fees Schedule  pdf format of Permit Application Timelines and Fees Schedule

  5. Where Do I Submit the Application?

    Submit the completed application to: 

    Department of Environmental Protection
    Bureau of Waste Prevention
    Solid Waste Management
    One Winter Street
    Boston, MA 02108

  6. Where can I get a copy of the timelines?

    There are no timelines associated with these applications at this time.

  7. What is the annual compliance fee?

    There is no annual compliance fee associated with these applications at this time.

  8. How long are these permits in effect?

    In accordance with 19.018(5)(a)2, a third-party inspector must file an updated Qualifications Statement every two (2) years to be listed as a third-party inspector.
  9. How can I avoid the most common mistakes made in applying for these permits?

    Carefully review the requirements for qualifying as a third-party inspector as identified in 19.018(5)(c).

  10. What are the regulations that apply to these permits?  Where can I get copies?

    These regulations include, but are not limited to the Solid Waste Management Regulations, 310 CMR 19.000. These may be purchased online, in person, or by mail from the Massachusetts State Bookstore

    An unofficial copy of these can be found at:  310 CMR 19.000: Solid Waste Facility Regulations