• Please Note: Due to recent amendments to solid waste facility site assignment regulations at 310 CMR 16.00, this annual report is moving to a new online filing platform for 2014. MassDEP will provide facilities with instructions and login information by mid January.

Report Fact Sheet 

This annual report is due by February 15 after each reporting year. 

General Form Instructions

  1. Please report material collected in the applicable calendar year period of January 1 through December 31.
  2. Please report all quantities in TONS. To calculate a quantity of organic material, estimate the dimensions of the windrow(s) at the time of deposition (the volume can reduce by 50% during the first four to eight weeks). For a “haystack” shaped windrow, the volume is approximately equal to the height times half the base width, times the length. PLEASE BE SURE TO EITHER MEASURE LENGTHS IN YARDS OR CONVERT CUBIC FEET TO CUBIC YARDS BY DIVIDING BY 27.
  3. Use the following factors to convert volume (cubic yards) to weight (tons):

    LeavesBrushGrassFood Waste
    5 cy/ton4 cy/ton3 cy/ton1.33 cy/ton
  4. If you collect material for composting but send it to another location to be composted, please complete and submit your report and indicate this status in Section E.1. This will ensure that this tonnage is not omitted.
  5.  If you are a municipal compost site serving only part of a municipality, please only account for the organic material composted at your particular site, not all of the organic material generated in the municipality.


  • Organic Material means any material including deciduous and coniferous seasonal deposition (e.g., leaves), grass clippings, weeds, hedge clippings, garden materials, brush, and food waste.
  • Brush means discarded material consisting of trees branches of any size and stumps, including but not limited to sawdust, chips, shavings and bark. Brush does not include other wood waste such as new or used lumber or wood from construction and demolition waste, which should not be reported on this form.