Commercial, Industrial & Institutional Boilers

Information, forms and instructions for owner/operators of boilers subject to air plan approval and compliance certification requirements, temporary boilers that can be installed without site-specific permits, and federal area source standards that apply to boilers fueled by oil, coal or wood/biomass.

Dental Amalgam/Mercury Recycling Program

Massachusetts dental practices and clinics that place or remove amalgam fittings are required to certify annually that they have, operate and maintain amalgam separator systems to remove mercury from their wastewater discharges.

Dry Cleaners

Annual certification forms and instructions for dry cleaning facilities.

Industrial Wastewater Holding Tanks

Owner/operators of holding tanks, mobile tanks and containers used for non-hazardous, non-sanitary wastewater need to file one-time certifications.

Massachusetts Rideshare Program

Base year, update, summary of commute data and related forms and instructions for business and institutions that are subject to annual reporting requirements under the Massachusetts Rideshare Regulation.

Mercury-Added Product Management Reporting Forms

Certification forms and instructions for manufacturers of mercury-added lamps and products, and for vehicle manufacturers, recyclers and scrap facilities that install or handle mercury switches.

Outdoor Hydronic Heater Certification

Only units that are EPA Phase 2 "white tag" qualified and whose manufacturers have filed compliance certifications with MassDEP may be sold for installation in Massachusetts. 

Photo Processor Forms

Annual certification forms and instructions for photo processing facilities.

Printer Forms

Annual certification forms and instructions for commercial printing facilities.

Sewer Connection Forms

Most facilities with specific Standard Industrial Classification (SIC Codes) and industrial wastewater discharges of 25,000 gallons per day or less to smaller treatment plants are required to submit certifications.

Stage I & II Vapor Recovery

Notification and certification forms and instructions for gas station and fleet fueling facility owner/operators and Stage II system testing companies.

Stationary Engines & Turbines

State and federal permitting and compliance certification information, instructions and forms for generators, fire pumps, combined heat and power units, and non-road engines.

Underground Storage Tank (UST) Program

Facility owner/operator, UST system operator and third-party inspector (TPI) certification and compliance information, forms and instructions.