All Massachusetts-licensed hazardous waste transporters are required to apply annually to the Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) for Vehicle Identification Device (VID) cards. A current calendar year VID must accompany each shipment of hazardous waste in the vehicle of a licensed transporter.

The VID fee is assessed according to the amount of manifested hazardous waste picked up and/or dropped off in Massachusetts during a 12-month "accounting period." Wastes exempt from the VID Fee are described at 801 CMR 4.07(4)-(7) and include:

  • Hazardous Wastes generated and transported in the course of a response action (21E)    undertaken by MassDEP or United States Environmental protection Agency (EPA ), or by a contractor employed by the Department or EPA for this purpose;
  • Specification used oil fuels and other Class A regulated recyclable materials;
  • Household hazardous wastes; and
  • Off-specification used oil fuels and non-hazardous wastes.


How the VID Fee is Set

The VID Fee is calculated based on actual totals of hazardous waste picked up and/or dropped off in Massachusetts for the prior 12-month "accounting period" ending March 31, as adjusted after any MassDEP audits.

The VID Fee is set at $0.00172 per pound, or $60, whichever is more.

For each calendar year the transporters are assessed a fee of $0.00172 per pound of non-exempt waste.

The minimum fee of $60 applies if you hauled no hazardous wastes during the prior accounting period, hauled only exempt waste, or hauled less than 35,714 pounds of non-exempt waste.

When to Apply

An application for VID(s) may be filed any business day of the year, but an application for the following calendar year’s VID needs to be filed between October 1 and November 30 or as otherwise directed by MassDEP.

Obtain the application form (BWP HW 28): eDEP Online Filing

VID renewal applications are available online starting October 1 during the each calendar year.

A copy of the transmittal form must be mailed with your VID fee payment. Make your check or money orders payable to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and mail them with the transmittal form copy to:

Revenue Office
P.O. Box 4062
Boston, MA 02211

MassDEP's timeline for reviewing a transporter's annual VID application begins only after the applicant submits the correct fee payment. If the agency fails to process an application within the established timeline, the applicant's fee is refunded.

When financial hardship can be demonstrated, transporters may request additional time to pay their VID Fees. Even when MassDEP approves extended payment plans, however, new VID cards/stickers are not issued until fees are paid in full.

For Additional Information

If you have questions about program or fee requirements, contact Marrcus Henry (617-292-5576 or or Michael Hurley (617-292-5633 or

Additional information about the Vehicle Identification Device (VID) fee and MassDEP hazardous waste management requirements: