In accordance with revisions to 314 CMR 7.00 Sewer Extension and Connection Permitting regulations, promulgated June 20, 2014:

  • MassDEP will retain the existing permit requirements for certain industrial facilities (by SIC code) that discharge greater than 25,000 gallons per day to a treatment facility that does not have an approved industrial pretreatment program.
  • MassDEP will retain its ability to require a permit where the Department determines that the discharge will, or has the potential to, pass through the treatment facility, cause water quality violations in the receiving water, or by-pass treatment.
  • MassDEP will no longer issue permits for sewer extensions or connections for discharges that do not meet the thresholds for state permitting described above.


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Industrial Wastewater Toxic Pollutants Certification  doc format of Industrial Wastewater Toxic Pollutants Certification

Industrial Wastewater Additional Industrial Wastewater Pretreatment System Certification  doc format of IWW Additional IWPS Certification


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