1. Instructions: Water Management Act 20-Year Permit Renewal Application  doc format of WMA 20-Year Permit Renewal Instructions

  2. Water Management Act 20-Year Permit Renewal Application  doc format of WMA 20-Year Permit Renewal Application
pdf format of                             WMA 20-Year Permit Renewal Application


This application form is for Water Management permittees who do not anticipate needing more water during the upcoming 20-year permit period than they are currently permitted for in their Water Management Act permit. If you do not anticipate needing additional water, please complete this form and submit it to MassDEP, One Winter Street, 5th floor, Boston, MA 02108.

Permittees who anticipate needing additional water will need to file an application for a new Water Management permit. The application requirements and forms for a new Water Management permit can be found at Water Management Act Forms , BRP WM 03 - Water Management Withdrawal Permits.

Permittees who do not need to increase their authorized withdrawal volume now, but expect to need more water in five or ten years can either a) apply for a new 20-year permit for the anticipated additional withdrawal volumes now, or b) can apply for a permit renewal for the current authorized withdrawal volume now, and then file a full application for a new permit in five or ten years as their water withdrawals approach the authorized permit limit. Preparation and review of a full permit application can be time consuming. Permittees should allow ample time to prepare and submit a new permit application. 

Demand Projections - Authorized withdrawal volumes in Water Management Act permits and permit renewals for public water supplies will be based on Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) Office of Water Resources 20-year demand projections. Please contact the Office of Water Resources if you are a public water supplier and you have any questions or concerns about the 20-year demand projections for your community and the data needed to complete the projections.

Non-public water supply Water Management permit holders and public water suppliers who do not have completed demand projections from DCR should request withdrawal volumes based on their best estimate of their water needs through the coming 20 years. In many cases, this will be the same as the amount in their current permit, is some cases where water demand has fallen, permittees will request less than the amount authorized in their current Water Management permit. Permittees who anticipated needing more water than their current permit authorizes will want to both renew their current Water Management Permit and file an application for a permit for the additional withdrawal volumes.

MassDEP is required to publish notice of all permit and permit renewal applications in the Environmental Monitor as part of the application review process and to accept public comment on the applications for 30 days after the notice appears in the Monitor. Because MassDEP relies on the public comment process to help identify potential environmental impacts from water withdrawals, we cannot issue Water Management permits or permit renewals for volumes greater than what is requested in the application and published in the Environmental Monitor.

Water Conservation for Public Water Suppliers - Water Conservation is an integral part of all Water Management permits. Public Water Suppliers must complete the “Commonwealth of Massachusetts Water Resources Commission Water Conservation Questionnaire for Public Water Suppliers”. This questionnaire will document permittees’ compliance with the conservation requirements in the current Water Management permit, and will outline permittees’ plans for any additional conservation measures during the upcoming permit period. If you have any questions about the Water Conservation Questionnaire, please contact the DCR Office of Water Resources or the DEP Water Management Program.

Water Conservation for Other WMA Permittees - Non-public water supply permittees are required to provide a written description of their conservation program over the life of the current Water Management Permit in the “20-Year Permit Renewal Application, Section C, Special Permit Conditions”. Permit renewal applicants must also provide a written plan for water conservation during the 2008-2028 permit period as part of their permit renewal application. At a minimum, applicants will be expected outline a program that meets the Massachusetts Water Conservation Standards pdf format of watercons_standards.pdf
file size 1MB (Executive Office of Environmental Affairs and Water Resources Commission, July 2006). If you have any questions about documentation of your existing water conservation program or about the water conservation requirements for your permit renewal application, please contact the DEP Water Management Program.