Automotive & Hazardous Waste Management

Floor Drains (Motor Vehicle Waste Disposal Wells) & Wastewater Management

Note: Unless they discharge to municipal sewers or approved industrial wastewater holding tanks ("tight tanks"), floor drains must be closed. Even allowable floor drains require state or local approval and generally need to be equipped with oil/water separators. For more information, contact MassDEP:

  • Industrial Wastewater Holding Tanks
    Owner/operators of holding tanks, mobile tanks and containers used for non-hazardous, non-sanitary wastewater need to file one-time certifications.
  • Sewer Discharge Permits:
    Contact the Appropriate Municipal or Regional Sewer Department or Authority
  • Motor Vehicle Waste Disposal Wells
    Federal compliance information from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Motor Vehicle Inspections

  • Massachusetts Vehicle Check
    Official web site of the state's motor vehicle safety inspection and emissions testing program, including information for inspection stations and registered emissions repair shops.

Fuel Storage & Dispensing

  • Stage I & II Vapor Recovery
    Notification and certification forms and instructions for gas station and fleet fueling facility owner/operators and Stage II system testing companies.
  • Underground Storage Tank (UST) Program
    Owners/operators are required to routinely check and maintain their USTs and piping, and to have these systems inspected by MassDEP-approved third parties once every three years.

Paint Spray Booths

Spills & Releases

  • Report an Environmental Emergency
    As soon as you become aware of or suspect a release of oil or hazardous materials to the environment, please notify your local fire department and MassDEP.