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Financing & Incentives

  • Wind Facts and Assistance - DOER
  • Green Communities

    The Green Communities Division strives to help all 351 Massachusetts cities and towns find clean energy solutions that reduce long-term energy costs and strengthen local economies. The division provides technical assistance and financial support for municipal initiatives to improve energy efficiency and increase the use of renewable energy in public buildings, facilities and schools.

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  • Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (RPS) & Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard Programs (APS)
    Massachusetts' Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (RPS) was one of the first programs in the nation that required a certain percentage of the state's electricity to come from renewable energy. The Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (APS) was established to complement the RPS Program, providing requirements and incentives for alternative electricity technologies.
  • Net Metering Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

    Net metering allows customers of an electric distribution company to generate their own electricity from clean energy sources in order to offset their electricity usage. Net metering can lower a customer's electricity bill by reducing the amount of electricity the customer must buy from the distribution company. Net metering also allows customers to be compensated for any electricity they generate but do not use. Learn more about net-metering from the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities.

  • Federal Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit
  • MassCEC Commonwealth Wind

    The Commonwealth Wind Program (“CommWind”) assists appropriately-sited wind energy development in Massachusetts that can help achieve the Commonwealth's goals for a clean environment and a robust economy.

Requirements & Technical Assistance

Wind Energy Projects

Some communities are already benefitting from clean energy produced by wind turbines. Learn about wind projects in Massachusetts.