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Trio Algarvio, Inc., Docket No. 2012-016

Gregory J. Angelini, Docket Nos. WET-2011-021, WET-2011-022 and WET-2011-023

Town of Andover, Docket Nos. WET-2011-036 and WET-2011-039

AP Cambridge Partners, LLC, Docket No. WET-2008-072R (Remand)

Ares Oil Company, Nick Bakis, Docket No. 2012-036

Paul J. Armstrong, Agent for Jill Armstrong, Trustee Whites Ferry Realty Trust, Docket Nos. 2009-032 and 2009-075

David Audette, Docket No. 2009-066

Ayers Village Automotive, Docket No. 2011-033

Bay State Road Civic Association, Docket No. 2011-015

James Bennett, Docket No. WET-2008-007

Beverly Port Marina, Inc and Alfred Thibodeau,  Docket Nos. 99-123, 99-124 and 2001-092

George Biron, DDS, Docket No. 2012-003

Boehler's Garage, Roger L. Deneault, Docket No. 2012-012

Boston Properties Limited Partners, Docket No. WET-2012-004 and WET-2012-005

Boston Water & Sewer Commission, Docket No. 2012-011

Town of Brewster, Docket No. WET-2012-006

Toby and Barbara Burr, Docket No. WET-2011-027


Camp Lion of Lynn, Docket No. WET-2011-035

Century Acquisition, Inc., Docket No. 2011-028

Century Acquisition, Inc., Docket No. 2011-031

Judith Comley, Trustee Scott Pine Realty Trust, Docket No. 204-102 and 2004-103

  • comley2004-102and103fd.doc  doc format of comley2004-102and103fd.doc
  • Please contact Division of Administrative Law Appeals (DALA) for the Recommended Final Decision issued on April 20, 2012

Community Boating Center,Inc., Docket Nos. WET-2011-005 and WET-2011-006

Peter and Nadja Crilly, Docket No. WET-2011-025

Dart Trucking Company, Inc., Docket No. 2012-014


E.T. & L., Corporation, Docket No. 2011-044

East Brookfield Mobile Mart, LLC, Docket No. 2012-029

Thomas and Carol Edmondson, et al, Docket No. WET-2012-011

Town of Falmouth, Docket No. 2011-037 and 2011-038

Howard and Andrea Fease, Trustees of the Burdon Pond Realty Trust, Docket No. 2011-020

Feed Commodities International, Inc.,Docket No. 2011-046

Four, Five, Six and Seven Cabot Place, Docket No. 2012-020, 021, -22, and 023


Stephen A. Ginsberg DMD, Docket No. 2012-010

Jeanne A. Golrick, Docket No. 2012-004

Town of Gosnold, Docket No. 2012-039

Groton Dental Wellness, LLP, Docket No. 2011-045

Harbor Dream, LLC, Docket No. WET-2011-023

Heritage Crystal Clean, LLC, Docket No. 2011-029 and 2011-030

Highlands at Holliston, Docket No. 2011-034


Job's Island Realty Trust, Docket No. WET-2011-028


Kalami Fuels, Inc., Docket No. 2011-041

George W. Kay, DMD, Docket No. 2012-001

James M. Knott, Docket No. 2011-011

Renata Legowski, Docket No. 2011-039

City of Lowell Regional Waste Water Utility, Docket No. WET-2012-002


Joseph W. Machie, Docket No. 2012-017 and 2012-018

Dolor Mallette, Docket No. 2011-017

Marblehead Harbors and Waters Board, Docket No. WET-2012-009

Town of Marshfield - Airport Commission, Docket No. WET-2012-017 and WET-2012-030

MassDOT Fore River Bridge Replacement, Docket No. 2012-013

Melanie Messana, Docket No. WET-2012-014

Town of Milton, Docket No. WET-2011-030

Mirant Canal, LLC, Docket Nos. 2008-123 and 2008-124

MRM Management, Docket No. WET-2012-010

Myrtle 107, LLC, Docket No. 2011-027

City of Newburyport Waste Water Treatment Facility, Docket Nos. 2004-091, 092 and 094


101 Rentals, Inc. and Robert Hurtubise, d/b/a Route 101 Storage, Docket No. 2011-042 and 2011-043

Palmer Renewable Energy, LLC, Docket No. 2011-021 and 2011-022

Patriots Environmental Corp., Docket No. 2011-016

Robert Pelitier, Trustee of T.C.B. Realty Trust No. 1, Docket No. 2008-094

O Pennsylvania Avenue, LLC, Docket No. WET-2012-013

Ai-Phuong Pham, DMD, Docket No. 2012-005

George Pickering, Docket No. WET-2011-029

Pioneer Valley Energy Center (PVEC), Docket No. WET-2012-018


City of Quincy, Docket No. WET-2011-045 and WET-2011-046

Jeremy Rawitz, Docket No. 2011-040


John Sabbey, Docket No. 2009-064

Sam Scola, Docket No. WET-2011-044

Linda J. and John J. Seguin, Docket No. WET-2012-015

Michael P. Shaughnessy, Docket No. WET-2011-010

Hamid Shirkhan, Docket No. WET-2011-042

Robert Sullivan, Docket No. WET-2010-009

T.C.B. Realty Trust No. 1, Robert Pelitier, Trustee of, Docket No. 2008-094

3333, Inc., Docket No. WET-2012-008

Alfred Thibodeau and Beverly Port Marina, Inc., Docket Nos. 99-123, 99-124 and 2001-092


VTP Associates, Docket No. WET-2011-043

Ware Freight Yards II, Inc.,Docket No. 2011-023 and 2011-024

Weaver's Cove Energy, LLC, Docket No. 2008-70

Weaver's Cove Energy, LLC, Docket No.WET-2008-043

Weaver's Cove Energy, LLC, Docket No.WET-2008-044

Jon Whyman, Docket No. WET-2012-001

Willow Road Development, LLC, Willow Condominium Trust, Docket No. 2011-036

Town of Wilmington, Wilmington High School, Docket No. WET-2012-020 and WET-2012-021

William H. Wolf, Docket No. WET-2012-012

Wood Mill, LLC and MassInnovation, LLC, Docket No. 2010-038 and 2010-039


Kun Zhao, DMD, Docket No. 2012-002

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