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Thomas Anderson, Trustee, Lot G Middle Road Realty Trust, Docket No. 2016-003

A-Plus Waste & Recycling Services, LLC; et al, Docket No. 2016-011

Jim Williamson, Barberry Homes, LLC, and Orchard Realty Trust, Docket No. WET-2016-009

Jayapal Basani, Docket No. WET-2015-027

Berkshire Community College, Docket No. WET-2015-023

Beverly Port Marina, Inc., and Alfred Thibodeau, Docket Nos. 99-123, 99-124, 2001-092

Beverly Port Marina, Inc., Docket No. 2015-010

Boston Boat Basin, LLC, Docket No. 2013-021

David A. Bosworth Co., Inc., Docket No. WET-2015-015

Robert F. Brown Jr., as Trustee of the Brown Family Trust, Docket No. 2015-016


George T. Collins, Docket No. WET-2016-008

Steven Connelly, 131 Eliot Street, LLC, Docket No. WET-2015-029

Data Guide Cable Corporation, Docket No. 2016-022

Anthony Delapa, Delapa Properties, Docket No. WET-2016-022


Elite Home Builders, LLC, Docket No. WET-2015-010

Empire Recycling, LLC, Docket No. 2015-017

Entergy Nuclear Operations, Inc. and Entergy Nuclear Generation Co., Docket No. 2015-009

Excel Recycling, LLC, Docket No. 2016-014

Ferry Street Partners Investment Trust and Daniel J. Messier, Trustee, Docket No. 2015-008

Fisher Nominee Trust, Docket No. WET-2016-021

FTO Realty Trust, Docket No. WET-2015-024



Granite City Electric Supply Company, Docket Nos. 2015-022, 2015-023

Harborside Inn Condominium Trust, Docket No. 2006-133


Iron Horse Enterprises, Inc., Docket No. 2014-022


Arthur T. King, Sr., Docket No. 2016-017


Town of Mattapoisett, Docket No. WET-2016-004

Mayhew's Cleaners, Docket No. 2014-015

Jefferson Munroe d/b/a The Good Farm, and Craig K. Henshaw and Elizabeth B.H. Harrington, as Trustees of the Henshaw Family Trust, Docket No. 2015-029

National Development Acquisitions, LLC, Docket No. WET-2016-013

City of Northampton, Department of Public Works, Docket No. 2015-028


no items


Naim G. Raheb and Rina Raheb, Docket No. 2016-001


S & G Associates, LLC, Docket No. 2016-005

Scout Sea Crest Management, LLC, Docket No. 2016-019

South Essex Sewerage District, Docket No. 2001-051

Richard M. Stamm, Docket No. 2015-025

Keith and Valerie Stamp, Docket No. 2015-024

Sterling Suffolk Racecourse, LLC, Docket No. 2015-027

Stockbridge II Realty Trust, Docket No. WET-2014-003

Ruth Ann Taylor, Trustee of MKB Realty Trust and The Woods, LLC, Docket No. WET-2016-003

Town of Orleans, Docket No. WET-2015-018


Wareham Police Department, Docket No. 2015-021

Webster Ventures, LLC, Docket No. 2015-014

Town of Westport, Docket No. 2014-020

Wynn MA, LLC, Docket No. 2016-004