As one of the agencies charged with ensuring that the underlying principles of the Commonwealth’s Environmental Justice Policy are met, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection’s Northeast Regional Office is devoting a portion of its staff in Fiscal Year 2015 to focus on environmental issues in South Framingham, Massachusetts, and in particular, on impacts to Beaver Dam Brook which flows through South Framingham.  

South Framingham contains two census tracts that meet several criteria of Environmental Justice communities. Compared to the rest of the Town, South Framingham contains the greatest density of waste sites that have been identified and reported to MassDEP, as well as the greatest density of commercial facilities regulated by MassDEP for hazardous waste management and/or air emissions. It is hoped that by focusing on this area, particularly the areas in close proximity to Beaver Dam Brook, the sediment and water quality of Beaver Dam Brook and overall environmental quality of this portion of South Framingham may be improved.

MassDEP will be using staff from three of its programs to help address the environmental quality concerns in South Framingham. The primary activities to be undertaken as part of the initiative include overseeing the testing and cleanup at several significant waste sites in South Framingham (General Chemical, Mary Dennison Park, and Former Commonwealth Gas), auditing the results of prior testing and cleanup of additional waste sites along Beaver Dam Brook, compliance assistance for small businesses regulated by MassDEP for hazardous waste and air emissions, and wetlands inspections.

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Commonwealth Gas
350 Irving Street - RTN* 3-589

Mary Dennison Park
Overall assessment and cleanup - RTN* 3-32015

Eastern Playground
Mary Dennison Park - RTN* 3-32430

Soccer field adjacent to Beaver Dam Brook
Mary Dennison Park - RTN* 3-32672

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