09/01/2010  - The procedures for obtaining the MassDEP Priority Resource Maps used to support a Phase 1 site assessment as required by MassDEP under the Massachusetts Contingency Plan have changed.  Users will continue to create the 21e site map; however, some important changes have been made:

  • There is no longer a charge for the map
  • Users can create a map that is available immediately to save on your computer (as an html web page, or image) and/or print directly on your local printer
  • Users can generate the Phase 1 Site Assessment Map by entering the town or street and zip code (Location Coordinates are no longer used to create the map)
  • Users can manipulate the interactive zoom/pan to customize the map's extent and then use the buffer tool to center the map on the site and build the 500 foot and 1/2 mile radius buffers

Once the map is created on-screen, the Print MCP Phase 1 Site Assessment Map Tool is used to produce either an electronic or printed version of the map.  This Tool allows users to enter the site information which is then placed in the map header.  Clicking on the "Create Print Page" button opens a separate browser window containing a final version of the map which can then be printed or, using the browser Save As function, saved to your computer as a complete html web page.  PDF versions can also be created with appropriate user software.

Printable MassDEP Priority Resource Map

if you have questions, please send an email to BWSC.eDEP@state.ma.us.  BWSC will respond and/or forward the email to the appropriate person.