Many waste site / reportable release files are now available online through the Searchable Site List , eliminating the need to travel to our Regional Offices. The Searchable Site List provides a summary of the site status and links to all online documents available for a site. This database is updated at least once a week and provides access to the following documents:

  • Reports submitted electronically through eDEP for a site.
  • Scanned copies of paper reports submitted for a site. Scanning of the paper records is not yet complete.

Availability of Scanned Files

MassDEP's Bureau of Waste Site Cleanup is in the process of scanning the historic (paper) documents for all the 21E disposal sites. Once complete, the availability of these documents online will provide 24/7 access that will eliminate the need to conduct 21E file reviews in the MassDEP Regional Offices. The scanned files will be made available in monthly uploads, on a town-by-town basis. The following map depicts the availability of online files:

Updated 3/27/2012


BWSC Online Files Map

Map Legend

Reports submitted electronically through eDEP for all sites are available online. For some sites, scanned copies of all paper reports for the site are also available.

Cities and towns include:


More than 75% of site reports are available online, including those submitted in electronic or paper format. The online record represents a complete file (minus enforcement sensitive and confidential information).

Cities and towns include:

All cities and towns not listed under "Yellow" above.

For more information, please contact MassDEP Bureau of Waste Site Cleanup at

Please note that some obsolete material has been removed from our files.