Essential Requirements

The following are required to enable eDEP PDF forms to be filled out on Macintosh computers:

Adobe Reader 10.1

Needed to fill out forms in Safari. Version 10.1.4 has the best results. Other versions do not work. Configure as instructed below.

Safari Browser

Safari, in combination with the Adobe Reader Plug-in, is the only browser on Mac that will work with eDEP PDF forms. 

Mac OS 10.5 - 10.9

Mac OS X 10.5.8 through 10.9.4 on Intel Macs is required.

Configuring Adobe Reader

  1. Download and install Adobe Reader 10.1.4
  2. Launch the Adobe Reader application.
  3. In the upper left menu bar click on Adobe Reader and choose Preferences.
  4. In Preferences window, in the left column click on Internet and be sure the top checkbox is checked:
    eDEP on Mac Adobe Reader Internet Preferences
  5. Again, in the Preferences window, in the left column:
    a) click on Security (Enhanced)
    b) click the Add Host button
    c) enter and click Ok
    d) click Ok on the main window
    eDEP on Mac Adobe Reader Security Preferences
  6. Quit Adobe Reader
  7. Launch Safari (if Safari is already running quit and restart Safari)
  8. Login to eDEP