Thematic Maps

  • MassDEP Priority Resource Map

    Displays environmental data suitable for a Massachusetts Contingency Plan site assessment and can be used to create an 8.5x11 inch MCP site map.

    Map layers include Potentially Productive Aquifers, Non-potential Drinking Water Source Areas (shown by high and medium yield), Sole Source Aquifers, Zone IIs, Interim Wellhead Protection Areas, Wetlands, Protected Open Space, Areas of Critical Environmental Concern, DEP Permitted Solid Waste Facilities, NHESP Habitats and Certified Vernal Pools.

    09/01/10 - The procedures for obtaining the MassDEP Priority Resource Maps used to support a site assessment as required by MassDEP under the Massachusetts Contingency Plan have changed. Users will continue to create the 21e site map; however, some important changes have been made.

    Additional Information
    MassGIS-MassDEP Priority Resource Maps

  • Chapter 91 Tidelands Jurisdiction Datalayers

    This MassGIS page provides downloadable data showing the presumed extent of Chapter 91 jurisdiction along the coast, for reference when filing Ch. 91 applications. Digital copies of georeferenced historical maps are also available for purchase from MassGIS.

  • Eelgrass Mapping Project

    The current MassDEP Eelgrass layer is being updated. A paper has been published explaining the methodology of the updates.

  • Massachusetts Ecological Integrity Maps and MassDEP Maps Depicting Habitat of Potential Regional or Statewide Importance

    These maps are intended to help prioritize land for conservation based on the assessment of ecological communities. The maps represent a percentage of the landscape with the highest wildlife-habitat value. Activities in these areas that are subject to the Wetlands Protection regulations should conduct a detailed wildlife habitat evaluation.

  • Municipal Water Use Restrictions

    Seasonal listing of municipal outdoor-water-use restrictions. Non-essential outdoor water use restrictions must be implemented when certain conditions are met between May 1st and September 30th.

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  • Title 5 Setback Area Maps

    Title 5 regulations prohibit the placement of septic systems immediately adjacent to certain resources. These maps display general setback areas from mapped resources; the exact extent of these areas need to be determined on the ground. Zoom into your area of interest to display all the data.

  • Wetlands Change Maps

    The MassDEP Wetlands Change Data Layer is a change analysis of the 1:12,000 data layer using more recent 2001 and 2005 imagery from the MassGIS Orthophotoquad mapping program. Each item in the data layer has a three element unique identifying code which indicates year of detection (WC1=2001, WC2=2005), the unique number town code, and the number of the change item during that detection year. For a complete description of the methods of this data layer, see MassGIS Datalayers .

  • Wetlands Maps: Mouth of Coastal River

    Massachusetts Mouth of Coastal River Maps: These maps identify the Mouth Of The River (MOR) for coastal rivers in order to provide a clear, consistent, and predictable means of locating all river mouths in the Commonwealth.

  • Coastal Wetlands Resource Maps

    These maps identify the approximate location of coastal wetlands resources for coastal communities with properties that must meet Building Code requirements for construction in a flood hazard zone, high hazard zone, or coastal dune. Please note that the delineation of coastal wetland resource areas is still determined by the issuing authority (conservation commission or MassDEP) pursuant to 310 CMR 10.00, the Wetlands Protection Act regulations. Due to the large size of these files, the maps are available via CD or DVD format only. Please contact or for copies.

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